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A jumping meet that’s highly anticipated by many, the high jump competition requires speed, power, and flexibility. Although the skills of the athlete influence the overall performance, it also takes a good pair of track spikes to deliver a powerful leap. To sum it all up, a good high jump shoe flaunts grippy traction, support, security, and lightness. Banking on this, Nike made sure to offer just what’s expected of a high jumping spike. 

The componentry of a Nike high jump spike

Nike is not on top of its game for nothing; it is on top because it is trusted by many. The brand manufactures athletic shoes that are very reliable and durable. It also maintains its innovativeness when it comes to technologies and components. The design of each of  Nike’s high jump platform is meticulously done to deliver high-grade quality and function. Here are some of the common technical elements present in the brand’s jumping spikes

Pebax plate. A common element among track shoes, the Pebax plate is responsible for housing the changeable spike pins. This configuration is intended to promote versatile grip, aiding to the varying needs of the wearer. It is made of a high-strength thermoplastic elastomer, exhibiting a good balance between flexibility and rigidity. Such makeup promotes both comfort and propulsion. It also serves as an underfoot cushioning and helps mitigate shock during impact. The same outsole element is present in the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3 and Nike Zoom JA Fly 3

Phylon midsole. It is an innovative midsole feature from Nike, enhancing the cushioning and responsiveness of its high jumping shoe. This Phylon midsole is composed of EVA foam that supplies an ample amount of in-shoe comfort and support. It is also highly utilized by the company because of its sturdiness and ability to withstand deterioration and abrasion. Most importantly, it protects the foot from any injury because of its impact mitigation. 

Synthetic skin mesh. It is a featherlight upper material that graces Nike high jump spike. This outer wrap employs minimal bulk, preventing drag. Aside from letting in the air into the foot chamber, it also has flexible qualities that allow it to wrap securely around the contours of the foot. Given this, the lockdown and support of the track jumping shoe is boosted. 

Midfoot strap. Another upper material that targets security, the midfoot strap provides convenient closure. It is made of a Velcro strap that pushes the foot further into the midsole. This construction permits added support and prevents unwanted shoe removal. This, in turn, assures a safe and stable jumping execution. 

Sharkskin heel. This outsole material is equipped to Nike high jump spikes to better slip resistance. This element is integral in enabling momentum build-up for horizontal speed. It is composed of a solid carbon rubber that’s located at the heel. It sports a textured design that augments the grip of the track jumping platform on the ground. Moreover, because of its composition, it contributes to the overall durability of the shoe.

How to take care of Nike high jump spikes 

There are a lot of purchasers wondering as to how they can maintain their track jumping spikes to prevent wear and tear. Although there is no proven way of completely stopping deterioration, there are some ways as to how one can prolong the track shoe’s life span. Here are some tips: 

  • When cleaning your Nike high jumping platform, do not put it inside the washing machine. Doing so can damage the spike plate of the shoe. Instead, remove the spike pins and remove the chunks of dirt with a clean brush. 
  • Another no-no is putting your shoe inside the drier. Again, this can damage the spike plate. 
  • Clean your track spike with a warm water and soap mixture. Gently brush on the surfaces. 
  • When drying, just let the jumping shoe airdry. If you want it to dry faster, you can stuff newspapers inside. This helps in moisture absorption. 
  • When it comes to the spike pins, don’t let them get too short or become “stubs.” Replace them every once in a while. 
  • Every after use, clean your track jumping platform and remove the dirt and grime stuck in between the spike wells. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Nike high jumping shoe costs? 

This varies from model to model. However, it is safe to say that there are some Nike high jump spikes that are below $100, automatically placing them under the cheap track shoe category. There are also those that are priced beyond $100. 

How long does a Nike high jump spike last? 

The typical life span of a track jumping spike is usually between two to three seasons. Beyond that, you might be able to see some damage on your Nike high jumping shoe. It is always advised to change them every two seasons to maintain optimal performance and avoid any injury.