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Dubbed as the most innovative company in the athletic footwear manufacturing industry, Nike has always placed value on developing top-tier athleisure shoes. This goes the same for the brand’s hammer throw shoe. The throwing platform’s configuration is centered on providing athletes with reliable componentry and superb throwing execution. This is the very same reason why, to this day, it remains a go-to track shoe among beginning and elite throwers alike. 

Famous Nike hammer throw shoes

Best Nike hammer throw track and field shoes- May 2020

Nike Zoom Rival SD 

Tagged as an entry-level throwing shoe from Nike, the Zoom Rival SD is all about highlighting security and comfort. It offers superior lockdown no matter the movements made by the user. Engineered specifically for glides and rotations, the Nike Zoom Rival SD is packed with flexibility, strength, and support. 

Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 

Comfort, security, and protection—these are among the many features of the Nike Zoom Javelin Elite series. Built with highly technical components, the Zoom Javelin Elite specializes in many track throwing categories. For a fact, it is perfect for athletes who practice multiple disciplines in the track and field throwing contest. With this throwing platform, the thrower can expect a powerful performance. 

What to expect from a Nike hammer throw track shoe

  • Superb grip. When executing the hammer throw, a firm foot plant is required. This is essential in preventing the athlete from falling off balance. With the Nike hammer throw track shoe, the thrower can expect just the right amount of grip for a stabilized performance. Moreover, the track throwing shoe supplies the wearer with sufficient propulsion for heightened momentum before the throw. 
  • Form-fitting. To disable unwanted shoe removal and slippage during the competition, the Nike hammer throw platform adapts to the natural shape and contours of the foot. Such quality gears the wearer with sufficient support to maximize the throw. Moreover, this also secures a good, lockdown wrap, allowing the contender to focus on the competition. For reference, a track spike with a form-fitting property is the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite
  • Sturdy. Because of the rotations involved in the sport, it is only right that the throwing shoe utilized is durable. Nike’s hammer throw shoe is exactly engineered to maximize resistance from abrasion and wear and tear. Such makeup permits repetitive use without compromising quality and performance. 
  • Comfortable. Loaded with generous cushioning, the Nike hammer throw shoe optimizes the plush, smooth sensation within the platform. This is without sacrificing the weight of the entire shoe. Since comfort is a design principle followed by Nike’s throwing shoe, it also exhibits optimal breathability. It is composed of technologies and technical features that wick away moisture for an odor-free foot environment. 
  • Flexible. Ample pliability is one of the many factors that can make or break the contender’s throw. With the hammer throw, there are multiple foot motions that need to be accommodated by the throwing platform. This is where the Nike hammer throw shoe comes into play. With the outsole composition of the track throwing shoe, it is able to bend and adapt to the movements of the athlete, powering the throw. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Nike hammer throw shoe cost?

This varies from model to model. For athletes who are tight on budget, there are Nike hammer throw shoes that retail for less than $100. These are automatically tagged as cheap track and field shoes. Meanwhile, there are also some throwing shoes that belong to the expensive category. These are the shoes that are beyond $100. 

Can I go sockless when wearing the Nike hammer throw track shoe?

Yes. This actually depends on the preference of the wearer. Some throwers prefer not to wear any socks to have a better ground feel. In that sense, they can calculate their motions and approach for a superb throw. There are also those who choose to wear socks to amplify security and avoid abrasions and blisters on the foot. 

How long does the Nike hammer throw shoe last?

Just like any other track and field shoes, the Nike hammer throw is best utilized up until two seasons. This is to ensure that the throwing platform still maintains optimal quality and function. With such configuration, strain and injury are prevented.  

Where can I buy the Nike hammer throw shoe?

Customers have two options when purchasing the track and field throwing shoe from Nike. First, they can buy the shoe from the brand’s physical store or any other athleisure shops. In such a way, they can ensure accurate fit and size, and see for themselves the quality and style of the platform. Second, buyers can also place an order online. With the help of RunRepeat, going through user feedback and finding reliable retailers are made more convenient.