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Nike Foamposite sneakers

Some of the so-called ugliest shoes are ironically impressive. Nike Foamposites are one, which made them among the unforgettable basketball shoes from the 90s. Compared to mesh and leather-made sneakers, Foamposite’s plasticky cover may look absurd, but it added color to Nike's history. Thanks to NBA legends Penny Hardaway and Tim Duncan. 

Foamposites are still fire!

Now retired from the court, Foams' unique aesthetic still got a cult following and a star's shimmer. Nike continues to unleash clusters of dope Foamposite remakes that still grab attention. Make heads turn with these cool kicks you can pluck from our site. You'd hardly miss a pair from our selection of black, purple, and blue Nike kicks as our extensive sneaker database gets updated regularly. 

The Foams may not fall among today's best hoop shoes, but these are the not-to-be-missed basketball-inspired sneakers you can rock from the courtside to the streets. And even as it belongs to the retro bunch, new styles of its beetle-inspired cover continue to give out a futuristic vibe. 

Pay less for your Foams

Nike Foamposites' seamless structure is made from a liquid solution heated using a super expensive mold. This explains why Foamposites have come at steep price tags since the initial drop. But you can own some of these through RunRepeat without losing an arm or leg. Don’t miss out on the major discounts you can grab through our site and pay less for your next pair of Foams. Get an email notification too once the price of your preferred style drops.

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