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Nike Air running shoes

The Nike Air series is comprised of running shoes for men and women. And if you're looking for the newest models, we have them here. Even better, we have partnered with hundreds of retailers, so you can buy them at a discount. 

If you're new to the brand, our guide on Nike running shoes will help you spot the features you should have in your next pair of Nikes. 

Nike Air shoes: An overview

Nike Air running shoes are made with pressurized air stored in a high-strength pod, giving runners lightweight energy return. Nike has also designed their Air running shoe collection for all types of runners and running activities. 

There are Nike Air shoes made for road running. There are also some trail shoes in the Nike Air collection. They're responsive, protective, and above all, durable. 

For neutral runners and overpronators (feet roll inward), Air running shoes from Nike are also comprised of neutral and stability shoes. They're loaded with top-notch technologies that will deliver the right amount of support to get you through the paces. 

Are they cheap? 

Most of the Nike Air running shoes for men and women sit on the expensive end, retailing for more than $140. However, if you catch them on sale, you can get them for less than $70.