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In the running industry, the Newton Running brand does not fail to amaze both runners and fitness enthusiasts, as pinpointed in over 100, 000 running shoe reviews. Given that adventure seekers would want comfort, protection and traction in a stylish trail profile, the collection of Newton trail shoes does not fail to deliver.

Why should you put your trust in best Newton trail shoes?

  • Unlike road shoes, trail shoes have more chances of getting waterproof features. This could be incorporated in the upper or outsole, depending on the available weatherproof technology.
  • Trail shoes are designed neutral, support- specific, minimalist or motion- control- focused. Whether you are a supinator or an over pronator, you will surely get a pair with the right midsole structure for you.
  • As compared to road shoes, the best Newton trail shoes are bulkier and heavier. This is due to the existence of a tough outsole and thick midsole that guarantee sole comfort, protection, traction and grip for trail runs.
  • There are trail- specific features available on the market, including carbon rubber lugs, abrasion- resistant soles, anti- debris mesh, waterproof membranes and rock plates among others. Trail outsoles are also observed to be more aggressive to improve the shoe’s level of traction and grip on uneven surfaces.

How do you determine the best Mizuno trail shoe collection?

  • Outsole material. Trail runners are exposed to the risks of bruising and discomfort when conquering rugged off- roads. In order to get the right sole protection, grip, traction and undersurface durability, runners should pick a pair of Newton trail shoes with top- notch outsole material. The outsole should be aggressive enough to keep the runner steady and balanced on uneven ground, while keeping the sole protected from trail irregularities. An abrasion- resistant outsole is also a great investment because it would last longer than 500 miles, even with daily use. The best Newton trail shoes are incorporated with High Density Rubber compounds and Trail- Specific Outsole among others.
  • Weight. Trail shoes are technically heavier because they are incorporated with tough features and protection- specific technologies to fare well on uneven ground. However, if you are into adventure racing, you can choose one of the best Newton trail shoes to give you a combination of speed and trail performance. There are race- specific trail shoes that are lighter and more minimal without sacrificing sole protection and traction. But if you are just looking for a regular pair for trekking, regular trail running, hiking and performance training, the weight would not be a problem.
  • Waterproof features. The trail can be hard to figure out because of mixed terrain types. Sometimes, running across streams or rivers will be inevitable to reach point B. In order to keep your foot dry and warm, waterproof shoes should be your partner. Some of the best Newton trail shoes have waterproof versions to serve hardcore trail runners who do not stick to standard off-road routes. You can also take advantage of waterproof features during rainy or winter seasons. The Gore-Tex membrane is the top waterproof feature today, so make sure to keep an eye out on the shoe’s upper.