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  1. Footjoy Hyperflex Carbon - White (51123)
    Any color
    Footjoy Hyperflex Carbon - White (51123)
    Footjoy Hyperflex Carbon - White (51124)
    Footjoy Hyperflex Carbon - Black (51119)
    $200 $182 Save 9%
  2. Footjoy Fuel Sport - White Navy Green (55453)
    Any color
    Footjoy Fuel Sport - White Navy Green (55453)
    Footjoy Fuel Sport - White Navy Blue (55454)
    Footjoy Fuel Sport - White Pink Blue (55455)
    $130 $81 Save 38%
  3. Footjoy Traditions Spikeless - White/Black (57924)
    Any color
    Footjoy Traditions Spikeless - White/Black (57924)
    Footjoy Traditions Spikeless - White/White/Navy (57927)
    Footjoy Traditions Spikeless - Cream/Navy (57925)
    $140 $129 Save 8%
  4. Footjoy Contour Jogger - tan (54291)
    $110 $61 Save 45%
  5. Footjoy Club Casuals - Taupe (79055)
    $200 $69 Save 66%
  6. Footjoy Hyperflex Carbon BOA - black (51122)
    $230 $217 Save 6%
  7. Footjoy Hyperflex 2023 - footjoy-hyperflex-2023-0e52
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New Footjoy golf shoes

With over a century-long history which dates back to 1857, Footjoy remains one of the leading brands of golf footwear. Keeping its focus exclusively on golf, the company has gained an extensive experience of the numerous nuances associated with the sport. No wonder Footjoy is the number one seller on the US market of golf shoes.

And despite such a long history, the company successfully manages to keep up with the times. It produces new models of golf shoes, pleasantly surprising its old fans as well as those who try out Footjoy for the first time.  

Types of newly-released Footjoy golf shoes

When introducing a new golf shoe to the market, the brand may build upon an existing model or design one from scratch. So, if you are a fan of a long-standing silhouette like the Footjoy Pro SL, you don’t have to worry about it being discontinued. The company releases a fresh take on its classics with every new season without compromising the shoe’s key advantages.

Among the new Footjoy golf shoes, you will find both spiked and spikeless options, as the demand for both always remains.

You will also find some new waterproof Footjoy models which keep getting upgraded to become even more protective. And if you are really hyped about the trendy BOA closure, choosing it over the traditional laces, there are some new BOA-enhanced Footjoy golf shoes too.

Get a bargain on a fresh pair of Footjoys

Footjoy definitely counts as a more premium-level brand with the average price of golf shoes ($153) being $10 higher than the average across all golf shoes on the market ($143). It’s got some affordable options too, hovering around $100. But for the most part, Footjoy remains a more popular choice among the pros of golf.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them at a discounted price. We at RunRepeat are partnering with 200+ online shops to provide you with the information on all of the available deals for every new and old Footjoy golf shoe.