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New Balance workout shoes

New Balance is one of the brands that offer shoes that cater to the specific needs of various individuals. In 1939, it entered the running scene and had since produced a ton of well-founded running shoes and solidified its stake in the running community. Over the years, the company has also expanded to include lifestyle sneakers, hiking shoes, football cleats, and, of course, workout shoes.

Also referred to as “cross-trainers”, these shoes are manufactured to cope with various kinds of movements and activities. Depending on the level of intensity they are ready to endure, New Balance workout shoes can be roughly divided into two categories: shoes for tougher workouts and those for light and moderate exercises. 

Workout shoes for light/moderate to tough workout sessions

Trainers for tough workouts are crafted specifically to meet the grueling demands of high-intensity sessions like CrossFit. They are distinguished by a lightweight and streamlined upper that promotes proper foot flexion and breathability. The cushioning unit is designed to be low-profile to ensure that the foot feels grounded and stable during dynamic movements and weightlifting. As for the outsole, it employs a durable rubber compound or even a Vibram outsole to withstand the wear and tear while delivering multi-directional traction.

The training shoes that belong to the second group are used as everyday athletic footwear that could be used for different types of exercises. Their uppers are usually made of leather or suede which are materials capable of providing unrelenting support and steadiness but not as breathable as a mesh fabric which makes them not that suitable for rigorous exercises which causes people to sweat more. The sole units on these New Balance workout shoes are also thicker compared to the first category and provide more cushioning for the wearer. 

Getting New Balance workout shoes for less

Workout shoes from this brand typically cost between $60 and $130. Trainers priced above $100 are usually equipped with more technologies and multiple layers of different foam materials for the midsole.

Such training shoes, however, aren't sold for the same price forever. When newer models become available, their prices usually dive down. If you don't mind wearing shoes from last year, waiting it out can be a good strategy for you. Some retailers also bring down the prices of their goods in their own time and terms. Since you can't possibly monitor them all, we help you by putting the retailers with the lowest prices on top of the list on our product pages.