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New Balance Minimus: Less is more 

Inspired by barefoot running shoes, the Minimus collection from New Balance provides more ground feel, flexibility, and lightness than your ordinary trail running shoes. Although built with minimal cushion, these shoes still provide top-notch comfort to go the distance. 

Do you want to run as naturally as possible? Then, consider this series. 

New Balance Minimus shoes for sale! 

Made for the trails, the New Balance Minimus running shoes are configured with protection in mind. Because of this, it employs the renowned Vibram technology that's the best of its kind when it comes to keeping rocks and roots at bay. 

Since the NB Minimus is a line of minimalist running shoes, they are among our selection of lightweight shoes. They are also low-drop models, meaning they encourage the natural gait of the foot. 

For those seeking neutral running shoes for the trails, the Minimus series is a good place to start, especially for those who want to strengthen their legs and encourage a good ground feel. 

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