buy new balance mid distance track & field shoes for men and women

New Balance middle-distance spikes were once just reserved for the most elite athletes. Luckily for modern-day track racers, these running spikes are now reasonably inexpensive and accessible to anyone looking to improve their racing performance.

Hers is a quick guide from us to you, hoping it will be useful to our readers. This guide is about how to understand better why New Balance mid-distance track spikes are worth considering over regular running shoes.

New Balance mid-distance track spikes 101  

Best New Balance mid distance track and field shoes- May 2020

New Balance mid-distance spikes are at par with one of the most popular middle-distance spikes, the Adidas Distancestar. Middle-distance spikes from New Balance are known to be the most versatile of all the track spikes out there. The brand offers stiff and aggressive spike plates that have enough flexibility to run long, middle, and short distances. Because of

These middle-distance track spikes are used for events ranging from 400-1500m. Its construction is very much likened to that of sprint spikes. This is in the sense that the shoes are elevated at the front. This design was made to encourage the runner onto their forefoot. Although, the build of the heel section provides a small amount of cushioning to make the shoe feel less rigid than a sprint spike. 

New Balance mid-distance spikes are usually fitted with six to eight spike holes. And while these spikes are stiff, they still offer flexibility for better movement and performance. The shoe also has a soft upper that keeps the foot in place but stays agile and lightweight.

How New Balance mid-distance spikes fit and feel 

How it should fit  

New Balance mid-distance spikes usually have a slightly more relaxed, comfortable, and even slipper-like fit. It has a contoured and snug fit throughout the midfoot area. The shoe’s toebox also has the right amount of space for the wearer’s toes to move freely. These features provide additional comfort as well as having proper room for the feet to splay in. It is also ideal for this type of spikes to fit much tighter than standard trainers. The idea is that the spikes are an extension of the wearer’s feet. 

The shoe’s narrow fit is only great for short periods of time. Middle-distance track spikes from New Balance also tend to run narrow; that is why for athletes with wider feet, it is suggested for them to go a size higher.

How it should feel

Mid-distance track spikes from New Balance feels snug and secure to the wearer’s feet without giving that cramping feeling. The toes should be close to the front of the shoe but not touching the end. These track spikes are built to secure the foot and provide remarkable traction. 

These spikes feel much lighter than standard running shoes. This is because their main focus is speed and performance over anything else. With this in mind, middle-distance spikes or track and field spikes, in general, do not give the same technical support or build that can be found in most regular running shoes. However, this does not come at an advantage because racing time in tracks is generally less than road races.

Care tips for the New Balance mid-distance track spikes 

New Balance mid-distance track spikes, especially the ones with removable spikes, are heavily used for middle-distance races. These removable spikes are called pins and are usually made of either metal or steel. How well kept the pins have an essential impact on improving the runner’s speed and overall performance. Track spikes that are also properly taken care of usually last through two to three racing seasons. Looking after spikes is all about keeping the pins and the shoe itself well-maintained.    

  • Before racing, it is advised to break-in one’s New Balance mid-distance spikes, particularly newly bought ones.
  • Often check the spikes and its pins for signs of wear and tear. It is suggested to replace them around every two racing seasons. 
  • With constant use, the metal or ceramic spikes are bound to get dull, and they will lose their traction. When this happens, do not attempt to sharpen them as they will likely break. Instead, buy replacement spikes and change the worn-down ones. Replacement spikes are usually sold at a relatively low price in sports shops nowadays.
  • For no-stress maintenance of one’s New Balance middle-distance spikes, always carry some extra spike pins and spike spanner during races, events, and meets. This is so that when the need arises to change the spike configuration, everything will already be handy. 
  • Use a proper spike spanner. When changing the pins, only insert the pins slightly past where the turning becomes tight. Turning it any further will risk damaging the threads and footbed.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best New Balance mid-distance track shoes?

The best New Balance middle-distance track shoe is the MD800v6. It is incredibly lightweight and secure, and it might also be New Balance's most aggressive middle distance spike ever. One of the reasons why it is one of the best middle-distance shoes out in the market is because of its new full -length plate. It allows the MD800v6 to race smoothly distances from 800m up to 3K.

What happens if I go sockless when wearing my New Balance mid-distance spikes?

Not all New Balance middle-distance shoes are designed for sockless usage. It is important to be informed about possible injuries that can happen when running sockless. Some of which are blisters might develop on the wearer’s foot, accumulated sweat in the shoe’s platform can cause deterioration of the material’s quality, and it can also cause foot odor from the moisture resulting in athlete’s foot.