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While running is free, it requires a pair of reliable shoe that is capable of absorbing impact, preventing injury, and keeping the foot comfortable at all times. However, getting the right shoe that can help make the running more convenient and efficient without breaking the bank is not easy.

Due to a lot of factors such as cushioning, support, flexibility, energy return, breathability, and durability, buying expensive running shoes often seems to be worth it. That is why many runners prefer to invest in expensive running shoes to ensure quality and performance. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to do so. Gladly, there are plenty of affordable New Balance running shoes that also offer good designs and quality materials. 

Expensive versus budget-friendly New Balance running shoes

best new balance cheap running shoes
Best New Balance cheap running shoes - March 2020

Each type of running shoe is as unique as the user wearing them. There are tons of available running shoes in the market that offers different styles and features at a variety of price points. 

Buying a more expensive pair of New Balance running shoes provides advantages. This includes a better style and latest technologies that enhance comfort and durability. However, these advantages come at a cost. The advanced designs and state-of-the-art technologies are a result of a lot of people working together, which is why they cost a bit higher compared to other regular shoes.  

Some runners purchase shoes for comfort or efficiency, while the others buy kicks to match their running styles or lifestyles. Whatever the reason is, it always depends on an individual’s level of satisfaction regarding performance, design, quality, and price. 

Even though a quality running shoe is a worthy investment, a runner doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve comfort and performance. New Balance sells cheap running shoes that still offer the same functions and benefits as of their expensive running shoes. 

Picking the right running shoe is a very personal decision. The cost won’t matter if the runner believes that they have chosen the perfect pair of shoe that fits their needs.

Things to consider when buying a cheap New Balance running shoe

In reality, there is no single shoe that is suitable for every runner. But considering these factors will help a buyer pick the right product that meets their individual needs and lifestyles. 


Price is often a big factor that a buyer considers when getting a new pair of shoes. Runners must keep in mind that the price alone doesn’t measure the value of an excellent running shoe. To determine a shoe’s real worth, a buyer should not only look at the product’s design or cost but also the necessary features that enhance the running experience. There are plenty of cheap New Balance running shoes that offer a healthy combination of cushioning, support, and durability. 


A running shoe that causes discomfort doesn’t only lead to a painful running experience but may also result in injury. A runner should get a proper shoe fitting to ensure that the running shoe wraps comfortably around the foot. 


People naturally want their running shoes to last. Aside from the price, durability is one of the factors we consider during our selection process. Plenty of affordable New Balance shoes feature a combination of highly durable rubber, suede, mesh, and other materials that promote longevity. 


While the style might not be an important factor when selecting a shoe, most New Balance running shoes offer a blend of style and performance. Just because a pair of shoes is not expensive doesn’t mean that they can’t be good-looking as well.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use affordable New Balance sneakers for running? 

Although sneakers from New Balance are often more affordable compared to their running shoes, they are not designed to provide excellent shock-absorption, comfort, and support that are essential for running. The materials used in all-purpose athletic shoes are also not as durable as the materials used in running-specific shoes to withstand tear and wear. 

Are the affordable New Balance running shoes worth the investment? 

Expensive New Balance shoes often include the latest running shoe technologies for maximum comfort and durability. While the cheaper New Balance shoes often include just the basic features that can offer the same function as the expensive ones. 

What are some of the best cheap New Balance running shoe series? 

  • New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi - This road running shoe model is designed for runners with neutral gaits. It utilizes a durable rubber outsole that offers an excellent grip and protection against the elements. The Fresh Foam midsole provides long-lasting comfort, while the engineered mesh upper delivers breathable coverage. 
  • New Balance Fresh Foam Roav - This neutral running shoe features a grippy outsole that permits steadiness over various road conditions. It also utilizes the Fresh Foam midsole for a responsive and comfortable ride. The engineered mesh incorporated into the shoe allows for continuous ventilation to keep the foot dry and cool at all times.