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New Adidas running shoes

If you're looking for the latest running shoe editions from Adidas, you can buy them here in RunRepeat. With over 200 retail partners, we offer you discounted deals on your chosen Adidas running shoes

New Adidas shoes for men and women

Whether you're a male or female runner, Adidas' newest running shoes are here to cater to your running needs. You can also find some of the most loved collections from Adidas here like the Adizero series and Ultraboost

If it's a daily training shoe you're after, there are several new Adidas models to choose from, just as there are various options for speed training. And if you want to amp your speed, there are race-ready shoes made with carbon-fiber plates

Made with comfort and lightness in mind, there are also multiple long-distance running shoes from Adidas' new running shoe collection. And if you're a neutral runner or supinator (feet roll outward), this is the series to choose from as it's mostly made up of neutral running shoes

How much do they cost? 

There are some cheap and expensive running shoes from Adidas' new releases. Typically, the more affordable versions retail for less than $100 while the more expensive ones range from $180-200. 

But because we have collaborated with different retailers, you can get them here at a much lower price. Also, if you're a runner on a budget, you can go for previous versions as they are regularly placed on sale whenever there are new models available.