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    Moderate climbing shoes

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    buy moderate climbing shoes for men and women

    Moderate climbing shoes are your go-to option if you find flat rock shoes too lax and aggressive kicks too serious. They are designed with slight asymmetry and downturn giving you a sufficient level of comfort and performance. They are your best bet if you are tackling tricky single- and multi-pitch climbs. 

    Climbing shoes are categorized into neutral, moderate, and aggressive. Shoes designed with a neutral (flat) profile offers all-day comfort. Moderate kicks are known for their slightly cambered shape, and aggressive gears put your feet into a powerful position for optimal performance.

    Qualities of the best moderate rock climbing shoes

    Best moderate climbing shoes

    Best moderate climbing shoes - November 2019

    The climbing discipline you are interested in will determine your rock climbing shoe type. As mentioned earlier, rock shoes are categorized into neutral, moderate and aggressive. This section will discuss what other qualities you need to look for when on the hunt for a pair of moderate rock climbing shoes. 


    Looking at your foot, you will notice that it tapers from the toes to the back. This will help you determine the level of asymmetry you need. Moderate rock climbing shoes have medium asymmetry, meaning they will provide you with a balanced level of power in the big toe, performance, and comfort. 

    Climbing discipline

    Moderate climbing shoes are best for bouldering and indoor climbing. Due to their slightly downturned shape, you will be able to toe- and heel-hook confidently. 


    The flexibility of rock shoes is affected by the midsole length. Some climbing shoes come with full, partial, and sometimes no midsole at all. If you want all-around performance and support for edging, a partial midsole will benefit you most.


    Most outdoor manufacturers vary the rubber thickness of their climbing products depending on their intended usage. Moderate climbing shoes are best suited for 4 mm thick soles as it provides a good balance between durability and stickiness. 


    To optimize the fit of your moderate rock climbing shoes, you should also consider its closure system. You can choose among slippers (or slip-ons), Velcro or lace-up.

    Brands that offer some of the best men's and women's moderate climbing shoes


    In the climbing shoe world, Scarpa men’s and women’s rock shoes are sought-after by climbers. Their moderate offerings excel in providing a precise foothold in pockets and cracks. If you are a first-time climber looking for your first pair of shoes, you can also check out the brand’s neutral rock shoes which are perfect for beginners.

    La Sportiva

    With La Sportiva’s expertise in the outdoor industry, you can surely get a pair of moderate climbing shoes that match your needs. The brand’s collaboration with various popular athletes has led them to create rock shoes that will surely perform in most types of terrain. La Sportiva rock shoes are equipped with brand-owned and third-party technologies setting the standards high.

    Black Diamond

    Rock shoes from Black Diamond are successful in combining tradition with modern technologies. Climbers who seek comfort and performance will enjoy their moderate climbing shoes that have gender-specific options. The brand’s very own Engineered Knit technology is also something to look forward. 


    Rock climbing shoes from Evolv yield a perceptive blend of comfort and performance. Their moderate kicks use anatomically engineered parts for enhanced ability. If you are looking for vegan-friendly climbing shoes, checking out Evolv will surely pay.