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From over 100,000+ reviews from experts and casual runners, the best Mizuno road shoe has set the standard in the market. It is a fusion of entirely how a running shoe should look and feel like. It will definitely aid the runner during fast training because it helps them develop their speed running performance. It is the brand’s assurance that one can get a great fit with this running shoe.

Why should I choose a road shoe instead of a trail shoe?

best mizuno road running shoes
Best Mizuno road running shoes - November 2019

  • Runners often get confused on which type of shoe to purchase that would suit for running. At RunRepeat, we feature two of the most used types, which are road and trail shoes. Road shoes are designed to be receptive and for boosting speed. If the runner mostly performs on roads, then it is suggested one should use the best Mizuno road shoes because road shoe treads are thin, which is necessary for traction, even if it’s minimal. This shoe is constructed with materials that are lightweight, as compared to trail shoes, which are heavy.
  • The best Mizuno Road shoes are specially designed to bear different hard surfaces like gravel, track and road. It adapts according to the impact strides one does repetitively. But this type is not suitable for running on trails.
  • Breathability and the capability of the shoe to provide excellent comfort, is present in the best Mizuno Road shoe. Basically, this type of shoe has more cushioning or padding, compared to trail shoes. With the use of a road running shoe, Mizuno promises the runner that he or she won’t get any type of irritation or blisters at all. The best Mizuno Road shoe has three components to make this possible. These are AIR mesh, Strobel Last and Dynamotion Fit.
  • Like mentioned above, the Best Mizuno road shoe is best used on surfaces like track, gravel and road. This is because road shoes have outsoles that are flat, so it means to say that it is best used on flat terrains because it has maximum grip, made possible by the shoe’s G3 sole feature. But even if the runner performs on surfaces like tracks in the forest, a road shoe will still be the best choice.
  • The best Mizuno road shoe survives long distance runs like during regular marathons. When speaking of its durability, the runner won’t have worries with this shoe at all. The shoe’s X10 feature makes the shoe’s construction more durable, to ensure the runner will have longer and more enjoyable runs.

What should I look for in the best Mizuno road shoe?

  • Arch Support. If the runner needs a road running shoe that’s neutral, which will suffice runners who have medium arches, then the best Mizuno road shoe will do that for him or her. This shoe suits to runners who won’t need a strength support. However, if his or her arches often collapse, then we suggest he or she buys a shoe that focuses on motion control. But under pronator runners in particular, will benefit so much from this shoe.
  • Weight. The best Mizuno road shoe comes in two versions and each has their own weight. 216 grams for the men’s version and 167 grams for the women’s version. It has different weight, but both versions are lightweight, just exactly what a runner needs if he or she wants to overtake or beat a road race.
  • Heel to toe drop. Some runners don’t like running shoes which have a high drop, like the best Mizuno road shoes. Anyhow, each version of the best Mizuno road shoe has different measures. 9.4 mm for the men’s version and 8.5 mm for the women’s version.