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Japanese-made brands have almost always been associated with quality, and the Mizuno soccer cleats are no exception. The Osaka-based brand started manufacturing their products in the 1970s. While the brand did not necessarily start with designing soccer cleats right off the bat, the Mizuno brand has since expanded its roots into the soccer arena.

Prior to the organization’s association with soccer cleats, the brand started off in creating an assortment of products for the American market. A far-fetch trade from what the brand currently has now. The disparity between the products that they have created in the past, however, has not stopped the Mizuno brand in creating a number of excellent soccer products such as the Mizuno Rebula collection.

Notable technologies found in Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats

best mizuno rebula soccer cleats
Best Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats - November 2019

The Mizuno Rebula collection has its own set of technologies that is a staple for every soccer cleat model. Here are the four main innovations found in every Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat model:

Full-length Kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather has been considered a premium material since it was first used in soccer cleat construction. The soft buttery feel of the material envelops the player’s foot which then ultimately yields to its shape. This characteristic allows for a more personalized fit as well as bringing comfort. While the material has the overall fit of the shoe covered, this element in soccer shoes also drives an excellent ball touch. This allows the player those fine ball touches which are essential for ball control. This material is a staple in Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats which include the Mizuno Rebula 2 V2 Firm Ground, Mizuno Rebula V1 MIJ Firm Ground, and the Mizuno Rebula v3 soccer cleats.


Controlframe is an element built into the upper material. This innovation is created out of memory foam. This element reinforces the soccer cleat’s cushioning system. Ensuring comfort, the material wraps around the foot on the topmost layer of the upper material. The Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat with this element includes the Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 MIJ FG, Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 FG, and the Mizuno Rebula 2 V2 FG soccer cleat.

D-Flex Groove

Specifically designed to allow player maximum maneuverability, the D-Flex Groove feature of Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats are incorporated into the shoe’s soleplate. Embedded in the midfoot area are diagonal grooves that allow the player to turn rapidly while efficiently making use of the player’s natural body movement to during direction changes. The Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats with this type of technology are the Rebula 2 V1 as well as the Mizuno 2 V1 Japan soccer cleat.

Stabilizer Studs

As the name suggests, this stud type brings stability to player’s leg while on the pitch. The stud configuration is oval-shaped cleat which minimizes shape distortion by 30%. Combined with the brand’s D-Flex technology found in the soleplate, it allows the players quicker turns. The Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats with this technology are the Mizuno Rebula V1 soccer cleats.

What’s the difference between the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats which are made in Japan and the models made in Indonesia?

Some of the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat models have been known to be created in two different locations, namely Japan and Indonesia. Basing from expert reviews and a number of different sources, the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat models that come from Japan seem to have a higher quality upper.

While both the Japan and Indonesian-made models are constructed with a kangaroo leather material, the Japanese version seem to have a more handmade quality to it compared to its cheaper counterpart. Hence, the price is more expensive. Another difference is that the more budget-friendly version uses a synthetic material for its heel area.

Apart from the Japanese version bearing a higher quality k-leather upper, it does not seem like the two versions are much different as they both contain the same technologies. They both have Controlframe integrated into the upper. Additionally, one expert reviewer has pointed out that if one is blindfolded while testing both models’ ball touch, one can hardly tell the difference between the two. Overall, there is not much of a jump in quality for both models.

Special Colorways/ Limited Edition Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats

The Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat models usually sport a relatively uniform colorway. A collection of traditional black, white and blue colorways have been widely used for the silo. However, the brand has not wasted any time in getting their creative juices flowing when it was time to create alternative colorways or limited edition releases. Here are some of the brand’s most notable colorways:

Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan ‘Pink Glow/ Black/ Green Gecko’

The garish Pink and Neon ensemble is sure to catch every onlooker’s attention on the pitch. For the player looking to stand out, this pair is sure to have the job done with its eclectic color palette. The kangaroo leather upper is drenched in this rosy hue while the leafy shade has been incorporated into the shoelace’s color selection. Elements of an inky shade have been integrated into some of the upper elements, as well. This includes the lace guard and the heel area. The Mizuno logo is also highly apparent as it has been printed at the medial side of the cleat, colored in black with a green outline enough to push this Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat’s ornate look further without going overboard. The pink and black look of the TPU outsole of this Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat drives traction on the pitch.

Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan ‘Neon Safety Yellow/ Black’

Looking like a flash of lightning across the pitch is what the safety yellow and black colorway of the Mizuno Rebula V1 model can offer players in the soccer arena. The kangaroo leather upper which hugs the player’s foot is enveloped with the tawny shade. A color blocking effect is then achieved through an abrupt shift into a black heel area is observed. The area perfectly carries the Mizuno logo which is printed through a pristine white shade.

In addition, the Mizuno logo is made to pop out through a bold black coloring positioned across the medial side of this Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat. The soleplate is also soaked in black supplementing the shoe’s overall electric vibe while the studs are a combination of white and green tones, still remaining loyal to the overall vibe of the shoe.

Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 Made in Japan ‘Black/Gold’

Dripping in luxury is what the black and gold Mizuno Rebula 2 V1 MIJ soccer cleat offers its wearers. Not only does this Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat model drive performance due to its premium construction, but it also renders its players a lethal look in the soccer field. A pitch-black shade colors the kangaroo leather upper while minute elements that are peppered throughout the shoe is engulfed in a golden shade. This includes the Mizuno logo which is spread across the medial side of the shoe, a section which is hard to miss.

Other fine details of the shoe are also placed in the upper tongue area as well as the heel. The soleplate of the shoe manages to stand out with its golden shade.

Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan ‘Pink Glow/ Black/ Green Gecko’

An unusual color selection for the soccer field, the Pink Glow color pack is for the fashion-forward player. To match the brave look of this Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat model is an equally dauntless premium quality construction ranging from the shoe’s k-leather upper down to its soleplate. The brightly-colored upper material securely wraps around its wearer's foot until it eventually yields to a more customized fit as it stretches throughout the wearer’s foot over time.

The lacing system is also colored with a Green Gecko shade which perfectly compliments the salmon-colored upper. Detailing of the shoe also includes a number of green and black elements spread across the side of the shoe, as well as the heel area. The logo is further made clear with a green outline. The outsole is also a combination of black, white, and pink elements.

Notable Mizuno soccer cleat technologies

Found in the brand’s other silos, here are some of Mizuno’s other innovative brainchildren:


This type of upper is created out of a synthetic element which is designed to bring a lightweight feel while allowing the soccerer to play even in wet conditions as it is waterproof. Durability is also ensured as the material is built to last while ensuring a great ball touch and control even during the worst weather conditions. The Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat with this type of upper is the Mizuno Basara 001 soccer cleat.

R-Fiber Control

An upper technology, R-Fiber Control is used to reduce that amount of stretch in the area. This ingenious mechanism also holds the player’s foot securely during sprint as well as quick turns. The Mizuno soccer cleat with this element is the Mizuno Basara 101 cleat.

Zero Glide Sockliner

A special type of sockliner, it boasts a sandpaper-like texture which holds the foot in place while hindering foot slippage. The piece also boosts the amount of comfort that it provides for Mizuno soccer cleats. The soccer cleats models with this element are the Mizuno Monarcida Neo and the Mizuno Morelia Neo cleats.

Mizuno Soccer cleat collections

The brand has had several notable collections under its belt. Part of it is the Mizuno Morelia collection which is perhaps one of the brand’s earliest creations. Released in 1985, it holds one of the most recognizable looks from the brand. The Morelia silo carries with it a distinct selection of technologies unique to its models’ construction. The upper of each cleat from this collection is made with quilted kangaroo leather upper which allows for a more customized fit. Several types of soleplates have been associated with the silo, as well. This includes moulded, screw-in, artificial ground, and astroturf. Other collections offered by the brand also includes the Mizuno Sala and the Mizuno Basara.

Frequently asked questions

What are the things to look out for when picking out a Mizuno Rebua soccer cleat?

The usual advice when picking the right soccer cleat size is usually to leave a baby finger’s length of space between the toe and the top of the soccer cleat. This rule is also applicable to Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats. In addition to this, sizing may vary according to the brand of the soccer cleat. For instance, one can be a size ten when using Adidas soccer cleats but is a ten and a half in Mizuno soccer cleats. So, it is important to check the fit of the shoe and avoid basing it on numbers alone before purchasing a pair.

The type of material used in the upper’s construction also matters, as well. Kangaroo leather, for example, is known to stretch over time. Hence, it is important to make sure that one’s k-leather shoe is not loose to avoid an ill-fitting shoe.

Who are the players/ soccer teams closely associated with Mizuno soccer cleats?

The Mizuno brand currently has several sponsorships under their belt for several soccer teams as well as players. The soccerers under the brand include Fernando Torres for the Mizuno Morelia collection, Zoltan Gera, Pablo Aimar as well as Thiago Molta. The soccer clubs that received sponsorships from the brand includes Portimonense S.C., Gangwon FC, and Police United F.C.

What are the benefits of kangaroo leather?

Kangaroo leather is highly-prized among soccer cleat elements due to the excellent fit and control that it brings its wearers. The material provides a soft buttery feel which is quite a luxury in the pitch, allowing players a comfortable ride while driving performance. While creating a personalized feel for its wearers, the excellent fit of the material also brings an excellent ball touch, affording the player to capture those fine touches critical in making the best shots. The Mizuno Rebula collection mainly uses kangaroo leather for their soccer cleat construction.