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    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Neo Lime (J1GC210315)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Blue / Green (J1GC210302)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Green (J1GC210301)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Grey (J1GC210309)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 25 - Black (J1GC210404)
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    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Neo Lime-white (4113744M00)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - 9I1Q (4114039I1Q)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Red (J1GC220306)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Blue (J1GC220305)
    Mizuno Wave Rider 26 - Grey (J1GC220310)
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Mizuno neutral running shoes

Mizuno neutral running shoes are ideal for people who have a normal running pattern. These shoes may also work for supinators (when the outside edge of the foot carries most of the bodyweight) who love neutral cushioned platforms

Whether you’re running on roads or challenging terrains, there is a suitable Mizuno neutral running shoe that will meet your specific needs. 

90+ neutral running shoes from Mizuno

RunRepeat offers a huge list of Mizuno neutral running shoes at great prices for both men and women. To help you narrow down the options, we have user-friendly filters that you can customize according to weight, pronation, type, color, etc. 

One of the sought-after Mizuno running shoe series is the Wave Rider lineup. For over two decades, these high-end neutral shoes have received positive feedback for their tried-and-tested performance. 

Another well-known series is the Wave Sky collection. These highly cushioned neutral shoes are suitable for long-distance runs and daily training sessions. 

To accommodate those who are looking for vegan options, the brand also makes quality running shoes without the use of animal products. Whether you need a comfortable jogging companion or a reliable marathon shoe, we have it all for you. 

Other brands that offer neutral running shoes

We also feature great selections of neutral running shoes from big names including Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. Just like Mizuno, these brands offer stylish footwear that comes with a more casual appeal. 

Asics and Under Armour also make neutral shoes for various running needs. With their strong commitment to research and innovation, these manufacturers consistently design excellent shoes that meet the high standards of consumers. The same goes for Salomon and Brooks that utilize premium materials to ensure comfort and protection. 

Other trusted brands include Hoka, Merrell, and more!