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Combining technological savvy and decades of producing some of the best running shoes in the business, Mizuno is among the top choices of runners based on the +100, 000 reviews. Mizuno minimalist running shoes have perfect blend of responsiveness, flexibility, and unmatched ground experience that epitomize the fantasy of minimalists.

Why get Mizuno minimalist shoes for running?

  • If you are a runner in need of a low profile shoe that is extremely flexible both from heel to toe and from the medial to lateral sides, then Mizuno minimalist shoes answer the description. Their types of minimalist shoes are built low to the ground for great ground feel and provide an ultra flexible feel with each step.
  • Excellent flexibility on these shoes does not compromise in any way its responsiveness which is very essential for the minimalist. Mizuno relies heavily on their top of the line midsole foams for the indispensable mix of cushioning and rebound capabilities.
  • Trail and road enthusiasts can get their pick of minimalist choices as Mizuno caters to both. Minimalists shoes for the trail and paved roads differ slightly on how the outsole is constructed. The former has a more aggressive outsole for better traction in outdoor terrain. Minimalist shoes used on the trail also have the rock plate protection to preserve the runner from pain and possible injury on the more challenging trail.
  • Elite runners to beginners of the minimalist style of running can have varied picks of the best minimalist Mizuno shoes. It goes without saying that elite runners can go for sustained periods of really bare bone shoe while beginners may want to try a bit of cushion before plunging into almost barefoot running. Mizuno has both types of runners and all those in between sufficiently covered with their best minimalist shoes.
  • Mizuno minimalist shoes promote a much more efficient midfoot or forefoot strike. With this level of efficiency readily available, this type of shoe makes it ideal for runners looking to pick up their pace during race day or speed up the tempo of their trainings.
  • The minimalist shoes produced by Mizuno allow the foot to rely more on its natural inclination to protect itself when running. Stability and support would be mainly the job of the foot with the shoe as a secondary provider. It allows the foot to develop the kind of stride that best suits the runner.

What to look for when choosing the best Mizuno minimalist shoes?

  • Heel to toe drop. Excellent ground experience being the one of the primary features of a minimalist shoe, Mizuno has shoes with varying heel to toe differential. It has the usual 4mm drop up to absolutely zero offset. It should be noted that there are zero drop differentials that still provide sufficient sole cushioning.
  • Structure. Minimalist shoes in general are built with the least technical construction to provide the best flexibility and ground feel possible. These two features are fantastically provided with Mizuno minimalist shoes.
  • Weight. Lightweight is another characteristic found in Mizuno’s minimalist shoes. The weight ranges from 3 to 7 oz that should allow runners to choose their best fit.