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Mizuno remains one of the top choices for running beginners and professionals based on +100, 000 reviews written by athletes and shoe enthusiasts. The performance shoe brand incorporates the best shoe innovations in their low drop shoes. Each pair maintains a light and minimal profile, but still ranks high in terms of performance and speed.

Why is the low drop shoe collection from Mizuno a hit?

best mizuno low drop running shoes
Best Mizuno low drop running shoes - November 2019

  • Whether you are a trail or track runner, you can have the best Mizuno low drop shoes. Low drop road shoes are observed to be lighter and smaller than low drop trail shoes, but that is because rugged terrain requires tougher and thicker materials to protect the foot.
  • When it comes to racing and speed workouts, the best Mizuno low drop shoes are great alternatives. The lack of thick cushioning keeps the weight light, thereby making them great options for both speed and performance.
  • Some of the best Mizuno low drop shoes have shock attenuation properties in the heel. Since the midsole is thin and lightweight, the heel compounds are enhanced to absorb shock in every step.
  • Low drop shoes are not versatile. They can only be used for racing, speed work, sports and casual wear. They lack the comfort and support for cross training, performance running and high mileage runs.

What is the best technical build of Mizuno low drop shoes?

  • Midsole. Comfort is determined by two features of the shoe: cushioning and fit. In the best Mizuno low drop shoes, it is expected that midsole cushioning is lacking since these are designed to facilitate a natural running movement. However, there are low drops models that have adequate amounts of cushioning without sacrificing ground contact. These are great for transitional runners who are just beginning to run naturally. However, advanced runners who already want to pursue a barefoot-like motion can run in zero drop platforms. There are lightweight midsoles from Mizuno that add to cushioning, but do not hinder natural range dynamics, such as the AP+ midsole and the U4iC midsole.
  • Fit. In choosing the best Mizuno low drop shoes, you need to pay attention to the fit. An adaptive fit does not only keep the comfort level high. It also reduces the hot spots and irritation while running. Discomfort is the main distraction when you are wearing ill-fitting shoes, so make sure to try your low drop shoes before purchasing them. Furthermore, a great fit will improve your natural running movement. The ideal fit for average foot widths would be a close heel fit, wider forefoot area and bigger box. Runners will not have trouble in flexing and tope splaying naturally when they have this kind of fit in their low drop shoes. Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit technology ensures the fit in every shoe for an efficient gait cycle and natural motion.
  • Heel to toe drop.The heel to toe drop is affected by the shoe’s midsole and cushioning technologies. Low drop shoes have a range between 4 mm to zero drop. 4 mm signals a bit of cushioning, making it great for transitional runners. Zero drop profiles are best for those who are already used to natural running and would like to pursue a barefoot experience.