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As much as the early firm ground soccer cleats were mostly set in a low top design, the trend in soccer is gradually changing with modern cleats showing off innovative collars and sock-like constructions that stretch up to the ankle. These mid top firm ground soccer cleats are specifically crafted to provide better support over the ankles. The higher cut also allows for a more locked in fit as well as improved stability when playing on firm ground surfaces.

Compared to low top models, mid tops offer better stability alongside added protection, especially around the ankles.

Anatomy of a mid top firm ground soccer cleat

best mid top firm ground soccer cleats
Best mid top firm ground soccer cleats - November 2019


Typically built with an ankle-high sock-like design, mid top firm ground soccer cleats are usually equipped with synthetic or leather uppers that give an ample amount of stretch and suppleness. Different brands have come up with their own set of upper technologies that complement the slip-on construction of most modern-day mid tops. The most notable of these include Adidas’ Primeknit and Techfit technologies that allow for maximum flexibility and support for the foot.


The base of mid top firm ground soccer cleats is usually made of lightweight and durable compounds like Pebax or TPU (thermoplastic urethane). When it comes to their stud pattern, these soccer cleats are fitted with strategically positioned bladed studs, which can be molded or removable. These studs deliver the necessary traction to execute quick directional changes on natural grass pitches.

Notable mid top firm ground soccer cleats

Adidas Ace 17.1 Firm Ground

This mid top firm ground soccer cleat is the only model in the Adidas Ace 17 silo that features a full lacing system. Aside from that, this version from Adidas is packed with innovations that allow it to outperform its competition.

Featuring a combination of Primeknit and Controlskin for its upper, the Adidas Ace 17.1 FG promises superior touch that enhances overall ball handling. Meanwhile, the ultra-lightweight Sprintframe soleplate is able to perform at high speeds without compromising stability.

Puma One 17.1 Firm Ground

Designed with a premium calfskin leather upper, this mid top firm ground soccer cleat boasts of its excellent ball touch and feel. The Puma One 17.1 also highlights the brand’s Evoknit technology that gives a supportive fit around the ankle. Additionally, this version of the Puma One is equipped with a highly-responsive and flexible Pebax outsole that performs without any drag on the firm ground pitch.

Adidas X 16+ Purechaos Firm Ground

Adidas has crafted this mid top firm ground soccer cleat with a synthetic upper detailed with the brand’s Non Stop Grip lining. This feature gives a better grip on the ball for enhanced control. Although it may look like a laceless cleat, this Purechaos model actually sports a central lacing system concealed under a top upper layer. It also highlights the Techfit collar for added support and stability.

Additionally, the X 16 Purechaos FG has been installed with a Sprintframe outsole that offers impressive stability. It also utilizes a Firm Ground Chaos stud alignment for explosive speed and grip on the natural grass.

Frequently asked questions

What is best used when playing on natural grass, low cut or mid cut firm ground soccer cleats?

The answer actually depends on a player’s personal preference and comfort. Some athletes might prefer a cleat that frees up the ankles, allowing for maximum mobility. In that case, he or she can go for low top firm ground soccer cleats. On the other hand, those that might want added protection and stability might opt for mid top firm ground soccer cleats. When picking cleats to use for the firm ground, a player’s comfort should be top priority.

I am used to wearing low tops when playing on natural grass. What difference can I expect from mid top firm ground soccer cleats?

When you are used to wearing low tops, mid top firm ground soccer cleats may feel a bit bulky at first try. The extended sock might take some time to get used to, especially the added contact surface around the heel and ankle area. Advisably, it is best to do a proper break-in when using mid tops for the first time in order to prevent any injuries. Once you get used to it, you will begin to appreciate the added stability and lockdown it offers.