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Running in the sporting meet of track and field is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated events. It covers categories such as sprinting, middle-distance and long-distance contests, hurdles, and relays. The key subject of this article is the mid-distance running category—more specifically the track shoe used for the competition. 

Buyer’s guide to choosing the best mid-distance track shoe

Best mid distance track and field shoes - May 2020

As a rule of thumb in running, the greater the distance, the more endurance needed. For sure, contenders can train to last long in the running match. However, it’s more than just physical strength. It should also be noted that a physically demanding track and field meet requires an equally aggressive and reliable track shoe. To distinguish the quality and functionality of a mid-distance running spike, here are some attributes to take note of: 

  • Well-cushioned. Mid-distance races should not be taken lightly. These activities can cause a strain on one’s body—most especially the foot. That is why it is important for a mid-range running spike to have an ample amount of in-shoe cushioning. This provides comfort, permitting the athlete to focus on the competition without any pain. Additionally, the cushioning of the shoe is also responsible for the support supplied, as well as the rebound needed.
  • Good traction. Since the pace is an important factor in mid-distance contests, it is only right to choose the track spike with a good surface grip. This ability solicits unmatched propulsion, powering the forward motion of the runner. This, in turn, promises a robust performance on the tracks.
  • Flexibility. This is especially true for the spike plate configuration of the running shoe. This style targets the promotion of natural foot movements. With more natural flex permitted, mid-distance spikes are also geared for increased comfort.
  • Featherlight composition. To attain efficiency in each stride, a good mid-distance track shoe should have minimal weight. This allows the contender to propel forward without being weighed down by the spike. In other words, this feature prevents drag from occurring.
  • Security. A mid-distance running spike should be tight yet comfortable. The tightness addresses any possibility of premature shoe removal. It should also be observed that although the track shoe is tight-fitting, it should not obstruct one’s blood flow. 

A comparison of the different track running spikes

Mid-distance vs. sprint spikes

A sprinting shoe generally has a stiffer spike plate makeup than the mid-distance running shoe. This is intended for increased propulsion as sprints test speed rather than endurance. It also employs more spikes to heighten traction. On the other hand, a middle-distance running shoe has less taper and lesser spike pins. This is intended for lightweight composition, enhancing speed. Its plate also has more flex than that of a sprint spike.

Mid-distance vs. long-distance spikes

In comparison to a mid-distance track shoe, a long-distance spike has fewer pins equipped. This is intended for featherlight design to disable drag. The in-shoe of the track spike also has more cushioning. This technical element provides more comfort to the foot, permitting the runner to last in the competition. Lastly, the heel region of a long-distance shoe has a more durable construction. This configuration allows for protection from highly abrasive track elements, as well as, friction. 

Remarkable mid-distance track shoes

Nike Zoom Mamba

  • A favorite among world-famous athletes, the Zoom Mamba is another series from Nike that boasts versatility, resilience, and aggressive traction. All of these features are packed in an extremely light running platform. 

Asics Hyper MD

  • As the name pronounces, this lineup from Asics is engineered specifically for middle-distance performance. Its makeup generates featherlight grip and comfort, allowing runners to beat their own PR. 

Adidas Adizero MD

  • Touted as a high-performance mid-distance spike from Adidas, the Adizero MD is fashioned for unmatched traction and lightness. With its top-notch features, it offers a stable and efficient track running performance. 

Brooks ELMN8

  • Flaunting features that are fitting for elite-level contestants, the Brooks ELMN8 is one that supplements a powerful track performance. Sporting some of Brooks' notable innovations, this track shoe is intended for ultra-light comfort and responsiveness. 

Technologies present in a mid-distance spike

Different brands have come up with different solutions to the varying needs of the athletes. To compete in the market, they have to come up with several features that set apart their track running shoes from the rest. Listed below are some of the common technical elements that are present in several mid-distance running spikes: 

Pebax plate. A common element among mid-distance shoes, the Pebax plate stands as the outer protection of the shoe. It is a polymer-based plate that houses the spike pins of the shoe for a multi-surface grip. Because of its qualities, it mitigates shock, especially during impact. 

BioMoGo midsole. It is a midsole technology from Brooks that is made of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly materials. Because of this composition, the midsole breaks down fifty times faster in active landfills. Aside from this, the midsole is known for providing plush cushioning and enhances the responsiveness of the shoe. 

SharkDuo technology. An outsole technology from Asics, the SharkDuo technology is responsible for added grip. It is a thermoplastic unit that’s usually located at the heel of the running spike. 

Solyte foam. Intended for increased energy return and responsiveness, the Solyte foam is a midsole component from Asics. It is lighter than the typical midsole foams, preventing drag from occurring. 

Phylon foam. Composed of compressed EVA foam pellets, the Phylon midsole offers just the right amount of rebound. It also minimizes energy loss and creates a smooth, resilient ride. 

CoolEver mesh. The general engineering of the CoolEver mesh is geared for moisture management. It is comprised of clover-shaped yarns that wick away moisture. It provides breathability to the foot while maintaining a light construction. 

The key benefits of a mid-distance track shoe

The question remains—how does a mid-range running spike differ from the regular running shoe? What are the benefits? 

  • Better grip. For the record, spike pins are added to the construction of a mid-distance spike to provide extra traction. Think of it as a hybrid version of your typical running shoe; it has a rubber outsole combined with spike pins. These technical features work closely together to give the wearer a propulsive running performance. 
  • Added support. When running distance races, stability is a must. That is why a mid-distance track shoe is engineered to supply the right amount of support to the wearer. This is evident in the cushioning and added security features of the shoe. All of these mixed together, the runner can expect protection from any strain or injury. 
  • Lightweight. Lightness is one of the key qualities of a mid-distance track shoe. With such construction, the athlete is not weighed down by the shoe. This promotes not only speed but also energy conservation. This, in turn, helps the contender last in the competition. 
  • Snug fit. A big no-no in training and competitions is an ill-fitting middle-distance running spike. That is why, in general, mid-distance track shoes are configured to be tighter than the usual running shoes. The distance spike is fashioned in such manner, not to cause discomfort, but to augment the lockdown of the shoe. This prevents premature removal for an injury-free running performance. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I wear my sprinting spike for middle-distance running? 

Although there are those who claim that it’s okay to wear one’s sprint spikes in distance contests, it is strongly discouraged. Track shoes are designed according to specific events; hence, the differences in their componentry. A sprint shoe practically does not have enough cushioning, especially on the heel. Its fashion also keeps the runner on the forefoot.  

What happens if I don’t wear socks when using my middle-distance track shoe? 

Not all mid-range running spikes are designed for sockless usage. That is why it is important to be reminded of the things that could possibly happen when running without socks. 

  • Blisters might develop on one’s foot. 
  • The sweat accumulated within the platform and its lining can cause deterioration of quality. 
  • This can cause foot odor because of the moisture from the foot. 
  • Going sockless when racing can cause athlete’s foot. 

How do I take care of my mid-distance running spike? 

When cleaning a mid-distance running shoe, always make sure to follow these steps: 

  • Remove any dirt from the track shoe first before washing it. Use a clean brush. 
  • Create a mixture of water and laundry detergent. 
  • Remove the track spike’s footbed and laces. Clean these components separately. 
  • Dip a clean sponge on the water and detergent mix. Clean the shoe thoroughly. 
  • Wet another clean sponge with water. Rinse the soap residue with the sponge. 
  • When drying, do not put the track spike in the dryer. Just let it air dry. 

Are mid-distance running shoes expensive? 

Not all mid-distance track shoes are expensive. Some of them retail at an affordable price. Some examples of these track and field spikes are the Asics Hyper LD 5, Saucony Spitfire 4, and Saucony Vendetta. These shoes are priced at less than $100 and are distinguished as cheap middle-distance spikes.