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Merrell water hiking shoes fit the bill for anyone looking for nimble shoes that are at home on land as they are on the water. Comfortable, protective, and durable - these are the key selling points of Merrell water shoes.

Merrell water hiking shoes for men and women: popular styles

Merrell offers different styles of water hiking shoes. Among the most popular are the:

  • Choprock water shoes. Merrell's most popular collection of water shoes is the Choprock. This line comes in a wide range of colorways, lacing systems, and designs but they are marketed as two-in-one hiking shoes. Meaning, you can use them for walking on the trail and kayaking or swimming right after. Compared to other Merrell water shoes, the Choprock collection provides more foot coverage. They look like typical mesh hiking shoes but with big holes throughout the upper so water is drained efficiently.
  • Hydrotrekker shoes. These shoes also deliver ample coverage for the foot but in a more stylish package. They feature quick-drying synthetic or leather uppers, padded tongue, and elastic cord and lock lacing system. The Hydrotrekker collection has a price range slightly lower than the Choprock but they have less aggressive lugs so they don't have much grip and traction on rugged terrain.
  • Rubber water hiking shoes. Merrell also makes water shoes made entirely of rubber. They feature articulated heel with a strap for a secure fit. This style is meant for easy slip-on and-off so it comes in generous sizing.

Who are Merrell water hiking shoes best for?

People who enjoy trail and water activities

Merrell water hiking shoes are specialized shoes meant for trail and water activities. These shoes are made with fast-drying uppers and rubber outsoles that have amazing grip on wet rocks and slippery surfaces. However, since they have holes or draining systems, they won't keep your feet warm when trail-walking in a cold climate. Water shoes have thick soles which are very important when wading through water with predictable or rocky terrain. In addition, they have other features like built-in toe shields for preventing stubbed toes.

Those who want durable and reliable water shoes

Merrell is known for making quality outdoor footwear products. Their water shoes are not an exception. Some models like the Choprock have Vibram soles which are long-wearing. When given proper care, they should last for a long time.

Hikers looking for budget-friendly water shoes

Merrell makes water shoes that cater to a wide range of buyers. They have the rubber shoes that are priced as low as $50 while their two-in-one water hikers can be purchased at around $100. While the price is an important consideration, you should also take into account other things like the features, design, and the specific activities that a certain shoe model is best used for.

Overall, Merrell water hiking shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for protective and durable footwear. They are best for moderate-length day hikes in terrain that require plenty of crossing streams, swimming, or wading through water. The company does make plenty of water shoes so always take time to compare their features to find the model that will work best for you.