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Merrell shoes have some of the best shoe innovations available today, which is why it is not surprising that the brand is frequently mentioned in about 100, 000 shoe reviews. Professional and casual runners trust Merrell road shoes to improve their performance on even ground with a combination of comfort, responsiveness and protection from shock forces and road irregularities.

How can runners benefit from Merrell's best road shoes?

best merrell road running shoes
Best Merrell road running shoes - November 2019

  • Road shoes do not have a standard amount of cushioning. The midsole structure of every pair of road shoe varies to provide comfort, protection and stability. Neutral road shoes will have lesser cushioning as compared to stability and motion control road shoes, but the latter would have more support and stability for over pronators to take advantage of.
  • Road shoes have better shock attenuation properties so runners could handle impact forces well when running on even ground. Shock forces could put pressure on the legs and bring about discomfort. The midsole and outsole of the best Merrell road shoes are properly cushioned to disperse impact immediately.
  • The best Merrell road shoes are versatile options for any type of runner. Fitness enthusiasts and casual runners can use a pair of road shoes for performance training, regular running, cross training and casual activities, like fun runs. Advanced runners and professional athletes could use them for high mileage runs, recovery runs, speed workouts and racing on the road.
  • Road shoes are available in different colors and designs. The best Merrell road shoes feature bold color ways, as well as muted tones to fit any personality.

What factors should be prioritized in picking from Merrell’s collection of best road shoes?

  • Heel to toe drop. Road shoes have varying heel to toe drops. Determine your need for cushioning in order to get the right differential for running. If you want to pursue a minimalist run on the road, lower heel to toe drops (5 mm to zero profile) are ideal for you. However, if you cannot let go of cushioning and still need additional support to keep you stable, heel to toe drops that are higher than 5 mm should be your priority. Bear in mind that cushioning can also affect the weight of the shoe. If speed is your game, you need a lower heel to toe drop for a lighter platform.
  • Sole Protection. Shock forces are common when running on pavement. Runners need to have shoes with thicker outsoles to attenuate shock in every step. As the shock disperses, runners would feel less pain or discomfort, and eventually improve their running performance. Aside from impact forces, better outsole technologies can also protect the soles from slight irregularities on the road. Merrell features the Vibram footwear outsole, which is a common technology in some of the best Merrell road shoes.
  • Responsiveness. Running on the road could put pressure in the legs, especially when the cushioning is not firm and responsive enough to improve propulsion. Firm cushioning should be a priority to improve responsiveness and encourage better toe-off phases. The energy-return properties of the best Merrell road shoes are further enhanced with responsive cushioning technologies, like CMEVA midsole and Uni-Fly midsole.