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Merrell shoes rank high in more or less 100, 000 shoe reviews written by fitness enthusiasts and professional runners. Their range of neutral shoes will not just thrill neutral pronators and supinators, but also guarantee a blend of comfort, flexibility and responsiveness in every pair. Know more about neutral shoes from Merrell.

Why are Merrell's best neutral shoes popular?

best merrell neutral running shoes
Best Merrell Neutral running shoes- November 2019

  • Neutral shoes are made for the track or trail. Some of the best Merrell neutral shoes could be used in mixed trail and track runs, which further improves its versatility.
  • The best Merrell neutral shoes are some of the most versatile running shoes on the market. A neutral pair is designed to fare well in performance running, high mileage runs, cross training, sports, speed workouts, cross country runs and casual activities.
  • Stability and support in the best Merrell neutral shoes are present, but they give more way for runners to be flexible in running.
  • The cushioning in the best Merrell neutral shoes is described to be firm and responsive. Runners can expect better energy-return properties and toe-off phases in this type of running shoe.
  • Neutral shoes can either have a minimal structure or a feature- packed build. Minimal neutral shoes could fare well in terms of speed and flexibility, while feature-packed shoes are likely to be used for performance running and training.
  • Neutral shoes provide more ground contact than stability or motion control shoes. Runners who want to pursue barefoot running could start their training with the best Merrell neutral shoes.

What features should you look out for in choosing the best Merrell neutral shoes?

  • Outsole. The outsole material is a crucial aspect in choosing neutral shoes because it determines the amount of protection, traction and grip that a pair could provide the runner. If you wish to run on the trail, thicker and tougher outsoles are needed with an aggressive treading pattern. This will help you gain more leverage on uneven ground, as well as debris protection and shock attenuation properties. In road running, a flat undersurface is needed with durable outsoles to minimize wear and tear from excessive use and pavement friction. Merrell has popular outsole technologies to choose from, namely: Vibram outsole and M-Select Grip Traction outsole.
  • Weight. The weight of the shoe will determine if it is great for speed. The weight is influenced by the cushioning in the midsole and the outsole. If you need a pair for speed workouts or racing, a lightweight platform will make a difference in your performance. However, if you only want to pursue daily running, cross training and other casual activities, an average pair of the best Merrell neutral shoes will not disappoint. Lightweight platforms are usually described to fall between 180 to 200 grams, but if you want lighter ones, racing shoes will fit your needs.
  • Cushioning. In terms of cushioning, the best Merrell neutral shoes will have lesser than stability trainers. However, you can still feel plush comfort and support in the right areas without compensating flexibility. If are still transitioning from stability shoes, pick a neutral pair with 8 mm to 13 mm heel to toe drops. However, if you are an advanced runner pursuing a minimalist style of running, a 6 mm to 8 mm differential will do great. Merrell has exclusive cushioning technologies, namely: EVA midsole, CMEVA midsole and Uni-Fly midsole.