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If you’re particular about footwear performance, you might want to take a look at Merrell mid-cut hiking boots. The brand’s mid-top hikers are made of quality materials and equipped with various technologies to help you hike better. Their design and fit are geared towards the comfort of your feet so you can go further. Moreover, they supply you with ample support, grip, and protection to help you reach your destination. Grab a pair of Merrell mid-cut hiking boots and see what they have in store for you.

The main feature of Merrell mid-cut hiking boots

Best Merrell mid-cut hiking boots

Best Merrell mid-cut hiking boots - May 2019

Carrying a backpack while tackling uneven ground conditions can cause you to lose your balance. Merrell mid-cut hiking boots offer sufficient support so you can stay steady on your journey. Their mid-top upper construction covers your ankles and prevents any unnecessary movement. This quality helps prevent your ankles from twisting the wrong way while you’re hiking through various trail obstacles with a backpack. The boot’s mid-cut design also enhances protection by hindering debris and critters from entering the footgear.

Although Merrell mid-cut hiking boots can be beneficial in certain environments, they can be disadvantageous if you value mobility. The footwear’s mid-top design limits your ankle’s range of motion, hindering your movement in some outdoor situations. If you want to be more agile on your trip, you should consider wearing hiking shoes that don’t weigh much.

Other qualities of the best men's and women's Merrell mid-cut hiking boots

Underfoot support

The midsole of these hikers is mostly made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a material that grants lightweight cushioning. Select Merrell mid-cut hiking boots pair this component with a nylon shank for added rigidity and structure.


Merrell’s mid-cut offerings come with grippy outsoles so you can tackle adverse ground conditions with security. These outsoles are made of sturdy rubber compounds that can handle rough and rocky terrain. They contain aggressive lugs which provide grip on slippery surfaces and various trail obstacles. These lugs also shed mud and dirt while you move for improved traction. Several Merrell mid-cut hiking boots incorporate grooves on both ends of the outsole for better descent and ascent control.


The brand’s mid-top boots for hikers are engineered to keep your feet safe from harm. Foremost among these features is a waterproof liner. This component blocks water from entering the gear while allowing your feet to breathe. As a result, you can journey through wet trail conditions and rainy weather using the company’s reliable waterproof hikers. Moreover, certain Merrell mid-cut hiking boots come with robust toe guards to provide extra protection against stubbing.


Merrell mid-cut hiking boots are crafted with an emphasis on durability. The brand’s best hikers use sturdy upper materials, such as suede or full-grain leather. They are also known to be resistant to abrasion. The midsole and outsole components in most Merrell boots for hikers are made of varying densities of EVA and robust rubber compounds. They are designed to resist wear, granting you a lasting performance in the process.

Notable technologies used in the finest Merrell mid-cut hiking boots for men and women

  • M Select Fit.Eco+. This patented footbed from Merrell features zonal arch and heel reinforcement to deliver improved stability and support. It’s made of lightweight EVA foam for enhanced underfoot comfort and cushioning.
  • Vibram. Some Merrell mid-cut hiking boots are equipped with outsoles made by Vibram. The surface of these durable outsoles is filled with an aggressive lug pattern which supplies grip on virtually all types of terrain. They also contain self-cleaning treads which sheds mud and debris for optimal traction.
  • Gore-Tex. Merrell offers hiking boots with a Gore-Tex liner to keep the elements out. The membrane’s surface features more than a million pores to preventwater penetration. The same microporous design also allows internal moisture to pass through, making it breathable.
  • M Select Dry. This is Merrell’s proprietary waterproof technology. It uses a moisture-wicking material to keep your foot dry from various wet trail conditions and unpredictable weather.
  • Air Cushion. This component is located in the midsole’s heel area and functions by absorbing shock. It also improves stability when tackling uneven terrain.
  • M Select Fresh. Select Merrell mid-cut hiking boots are treated with M Select Fresh technology. It works by reducing the amount of odor-causing microbes inside the gear to keep your feet fresh during a hike.
  • Kinetic Fit Advanced. This component’s design adapts to your foot’s contour for improved support. Merrell mid-cut hiking boots with this technology grant enhanced heel cushioning and stability.

The Moab – The story behind the Merrell’s iconic pair

The original Merrell Moab, short for Mother Of All Boots, was first launched in 2006. Clark Matis, the company’s founder and senior product developer at that time, designed the Moab to be a multi-sport shoe for outdoor enthusiasts. It catered to those who prefer a lighter alternative to burly boots but capable enough for hiking. The footwear brand would then release different mid-cut variants of this hiking shoe over the years, such as a waterproof and a breathable version. Also, the Merrell Moab would garner a number of awards and accolades to cement its reputation as one of the best footwear products for outdoor lovers.