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Merrell’s shoe technologies are highly acclaimed in over 100, 000 shoe reviews, so you might want to consider the brand when shopping for low drop shoes. The best Merrell low drop shoes are developed with performance-specific features to keep the runner in a top form without sacrificing comfort, responsiveness and flexibility.

How could a pair of Merrell low drop shoes help your running performance?

best merrell low drop running shoes
Best Merrell low drop running shoes - November 2019

  • Low drop shoes have a restricted number of features just to keep its construction minimal. Too many features could hinder the runner’s foot flexibility and add to the overall weight of the shoe. In fact, some of the best Merrell low drop shoes feature a merged midsole/ outsole technology just to keep the model low and light.
  • Better ground contact can be expected in low drop shoes. The lack of cushioning allows the runner to feel more of the ground. Using the best Merrell low drop shoes will also improve the response of the sole in every step, so barefoot running will come naturally.
  • Low drop shoes have varying drops, with 4 to 5 mm drops being the highest. A zero drop profile is great for runners who want to transition to a barefoot running movement.
  • The best Merrell low drop shoes are sometimes used for speed workouts or racing because of their lightweight platforms. Professional athletes and advanced runners prefer them to neutral shoes.
  • Versatility is not in the cards of low drop shoes. Beginners might find the lack of cushioning discomforting, while casual runners could not use them for cross training and casual activities because comfort would be compromised for performance.

What distinguishes the best shoe model from Merrell’s low drop shoe collection?

  • Underfoot Protection. Better ground contact can be expected from the best Merrell low drop shoes. However, runners might experience pain or discomfort from slight irregularities and impact forces. In order to keep your underfoot protected, you need to choose shoes that have great outsole and midsole material. In low drop shoes, these parts are often merged to maintain a natural running movement. Merrell features the Vibram footwear outsole, which is one of the best carbon rubber compounds on the market. It helps attenuate shock and keeps the underfoot protected from sharp debris on the track or trail.
  • Heel to toe Differential. Low drop shoes are distinguished by their low heel to toe differential. Runners who pursue minimalist running should choose between 4 mm to a zero drop profile. Higher drops would mean more cushioning and comfort, but less flexibility and ground contact. The midsole technologies affect the drop profiles of shoes, which is why you need to pay attention to them if you want to facilitate a natural running movement. Merrell features various midsole technologies, such as the EVA midsole and the CMEVA midsole.
  • Cushioning. Cushioning is observed to be less in the best Merrell low drop shoes. True to its name, this type of shoe ensures that the runner gets better contact with the ground and enhances his natural running movement. If you are a beginner in minimalist running, stick to shoes with adequate cushioning or with a 4 mm to 5 mm drop. This will help you transition to barefoot-like running. However, if you are used to being flexible on the road or trail, a zero drop profile will appeal to you.