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There’s no doubt that Merrell low cut hiking shoes are among the best in their class. Lightweight, durable, and comfortable - these hikers are great for quick trips to well-maintained trails as well as for travel and urban walks.

Why wear a low-cut Merrell hiking shoe?

Best Merrell low cut hiking shoes - May 2020

You’re probably wondering. Should you go for a low-cut hiker? Or would you rather have a mid-cut or a high-cut model for better support?

There are many reasons why Merrell low top shoes are great, just as their high-top and mid-top counterparts are. For instance, they come in handy when climbing up and down in steep slopes or hopping on rocky streams and lakes. 

Also, Merrell low cut hiking shoes are ideal for experienced hikers who have already mastered proper foot placement and need less support or protection for the ankle. 

Merrell low cut hiking shoes are also very popular because they are:

Lightweight. Needless to say, low cut hikers are lighter than their mid-cut counterparts. If you’re going out to hike for a couple of hours on a well-maintained path, you’ll do well in a pair of Merrel low cut shoes. Lightweight shoes also promote faster movements.

Versatile. Many people (outdoor junkies and casual wearers alike) choose low-cut models because they can be used for many purposes, not just day hikes. Whether you’re going out to walk your dog or to attend a barbecue party with friends, a low-cut shoe makes for comfy, lightweight footwear. Merrell low cut hiking shoes are your go-to footwear for casual activities or when a mid-cut or high-cut boot seems over-the-top.

Breathable. Lastly, low-cut shoes, especially those with an upper made of mesh material, keep your feet cooler in hot, dry environments.

Top features of Merrell low cut hiking shoes

Merrell has stylish hiking shoes for men and women. Whether you prefer an urban walking shoe or a robust low-cut leather shoe, you can expect the following notable features in all their low cut hiking shoes:

Grip and traction

Merrell hikers are either made with Vibram outsole or their exclusive M-Select Grip technology which both do an amazing job on and off the trail. Merrell outsoles are highly durable and flexible enough for you to navigate uneven surfaces with ease. They also integrate an air cushion in the heel for shock absorption and stability.

Supportive footbed

Low cut hiking shoes from Merrell make use of EVA midsoles which are cushiony, supportive, and highly durable. 

Breathable upper

Since low cut models are created for day hikes, they need to have reliable moisture-wicking properties. Many low cut hikers from Merrell feature a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet dry and cool during sunny days in the trail.

Waterproof construction

Other models, such as the Merrell Moab FST 2 and the waterproof version of the Merrell Yokota 2 feature a waterproof lining which is either GORE-tex or M-Select Dry. They make a great option for exploring muddy terrains and rainy environments.

Merrell low cut hiking shoes are among the most sought-after outdoor footwear in the market simply because they have all the qualities expected from a robust boot without the bulkiness, rigidness, and heaviness of their mid-cut or high-cut versions. While it’s advisable to have a mid-cut boot for longer, more serious hikes, a pair of low cut shoes are always a staple in every adventurer’s outdoor gear.