buy merrell gore-tex hiking shoes for men and women

When you need a trail shoe that can prevent water intrusions, you may want to consider Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes. The American brand’s hikers are equipped with various technologies to empower day hikers with a lightweight and performance-based option. The presence of a Gore-Tex membrane boosts the functionality of these shoes by protecting your feet from wet trail challenges and unpredictable weather. If these qualities are important for your adventures, you should check a pair of Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes out right now.

The primary benefit of wearing Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes for your trip

best merrell goretex hiking shoes
Best Merrell gore-tex hiking shoes - December 2019

There are instances when you need to wade through puddles on the trail or hike under rainy weather. Using Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes in these situations will keep you protected. These offerings are lined with a Gore-Tex membrane to prevent water from getting in. The surface of this material contains more than a billion pores to perform this function. The membrane’s microporous design also allows excess moisture and heat to escape, making it breathable. Thanks to these two functions, outdoor enthusiasts can keep their feet dry and cozy as they tackle various wet conditions on the trail.

Other perks you’ll gain from the best Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes for men and women

Lightness. Some of the finest Merrell low-top offerings use a lightweight design. These products employ light yet sturdy materials to reduce the gear’s overall weight. They also come with flexible components which help make every stride lighter. As a result, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a more feathery feel on the trail when wearing these Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes.

Grip. The best Gore-tex hikers from this American brand use grippy outsoles to help you stay on top of challenging ground conditions. Select Merrell low-top hiking shoes are equipped with Vibram outsoles and the company’s trademarked M Select Grip technology. These features help increase ground adherence over different surfaces.

Support. Apart from being shoes that keep your feet dry from water, these Merrell models also offer sufficient support. Some of the brand’s best low-top products feature an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles, nylon shank, and Air Cushion technology to create a supportive and stabilized ride. Moreover, they are also fitted with removable footbeds which deliver arch support and added comfort when traversing rugged terrain.

Care and maintenance guide of Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes

Your Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes will be covered in dirt and debris after using it outdoors. The brand recommends the following guidelines to preserve the quality of your low-top waterproof pair.

  • Get a soft-bristled brush to wipe traces of dirt away from the footgear.
  • Wash your Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes using mild soap and warm water. Keep in mind to rinse the remaining soap residue from your hikers to prevent attracting more dirt on them.
  • Open your Merrell Gore-Tex hiking shoes fully by removing their laces and footbeds. After doing so, leave them to dry at room temperature.
  • Do not expose your newly-washed shoes to a direct source of heat. Doing so may affect the adhesives or materials used in constructing the gear.
  • Apply a conditioning product on your hiking shoes to preserve its waterproofness.