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Outdoor enthusiasts who need a pair suitable for wet adventures may take a look at what Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots have to offer. Merrell, one of the largest outdoor footwear manufacturers in the world, imbued several of their products with a Gore-Tex membrane. This technology is known for providing effective protection from various wet conditions and rainy weather. 

As a result, outdoorsy individuals may go hiking with sufficient performance and protection for their feet. If these trail-centric benefits are vital, you may have to consider the benefits of getting new Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots.

What sets the best Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots from the brand’s other waterproof offerings


Best Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots - May 2020

Select Merrell hikers are equipped with a Gore-Tex laminate while some products feature the brand’s patented M Select Dry membrane. The latter consists of a layer of breathable material that blocks water droplets from entering. Its surface also works by releasing internal moisture to reduce the temperature inside the footgear.

On the other hand, a Gore-Tex membrane employs a surface with more than a million pores to prevent water intrusions. This same microporous design also disperses excess heat inside to optimize air ventilation. This technology is found on some of the best Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots.

Gore-Tex is known as the industry standard when it comes to water protection. Footgear products that bear this feature are considered by most adventurers as superior to other types of waterproof technologies. While other patented membranes fail when submerged into water, Gore-Tex laminates hold their own in this situation. This is seen as the primary advantage of Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots over the brand’s other waterproof offerings.

When and where to use Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots for men and women

Merrell’s Gore-Tex offerings are made specifically for certain outdoor activities. Shown below are the ideal outdoor conditions that are suitable for the brand’s waterproof outdoor boots for hikers.

Day hiking

Some of the finest Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots for men and women are engineered for trips that won’t exceed a single day. These hikes are often set in environments with minimal trail challenges and steep slopes. Moreover, the brand’s Gore-Tex outdoor boots are able to handle most wet conditions during this activity.

Since a day hike won’t take up much of your time, you won’t have to bring a burly backpack. This attribute allows Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots to focus on cushioning and impact reduction rather than providing rigid underfoot support. It also reduces the footgear’s overall weight, allowing you to be more agile on the trail.

Snow hiking

Select Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots are designed to be used in low-temperature environments. Apart from their Gore-Tex membranes, they come with layers of Primaloft Gold insulation to trap heat inside the footgear. This benefit prevents your feet from freezing off while you’re out hiking in the cold.

These hiking boots from Merrell are equipped with outsoles that can handle frigid conditions. They are engineered to remain flexible when used on icy or snowy terrain. Their surfaces also feature specialized lug patterns that render grip on slippery ground conditions.