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    Merrell Hydro Moc - Pink (J03343)
    Merrell Hydro Moc - Tangerine/Blue (J00386)
    Merrell Hydro Moc - Black (J19992)
    Merrell Hydro Moc - Kangaroo (J03618)
    Merrell Hydro Moc - Black/White (J00384)
    £60 £40 Save 33%
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    Astral TR1 Junction - Storm Gray (TJMWN)
    £130 £111 Save 15%
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Men's water hiking shoes

Have you ever thought about your maximum potential hiking where streams and creeks are involved? Don’t think it, but experience it in a pair of men’s water hiking shoes. In these amphibious gems for the gents, cutting through shallow waters is always a great idea.

Speaking of great ideas, we suggest you shop for high-quality hiking shoes through us. Yes, jaw-dropping deals on trail kicks (including these water-ready bad boys) await you on RunRepeat!

An incredible selection of water hiking shoes for men

Over 15 pairs of noteworthy men’s water hiking shoes make up this solid collection. The kicks showcased here deliver unmatched performance in the water, with fast-drying action as a cherry on top.

Well-known brands like Salomon and Merrell make this growing lineup varied. The former, in particular, offers shoes that underscore sportiness for boosted strides, whether in and out of the water.

Many hikers on display here come in black. Also, if you’re a serious collector of lightweight hiking shoes, you can choose virtually any pair under this catalog.

What men’s water hiking shoes look like on the pricing scale

Is your budget a bit on the humble side these days? Well, fret not because these amphibious must-haves for men don’t cost a lot. Case in point: They average around $110, which is considered quite affordable in the hiking world.

Some pairs go beyond the 120-dollar mark, particularly those that come with water-ejecting channels engineered in their midsoles. If you’re a heavy strider where wetness is involved, consider these kicks.