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Men’s spikeless golf shoes

First introduced in 2010, spikeless golf shoes were met with skepticism as their outsoles didn’t look like they could grip as efficiently as the spikes. However, about a decade later, the number of spikeless golf shoes for men is outweighing their spiked counterparts in both number and popularity.

So many spikeless golf shoes for men to choose from

The trend first started with ECCO that was bald enough to experiment and introduce the first spikeless golf shoe as an answer to the demand for shoes that could be worn both on and off the course. Today, it offers some of the classiest and most high-quality non-spiked golf shoes for men.

Nike and Adidas also weren’t late to the party with the introduction of their spikeless versions. They have also implemented their best technologies and materials (cushioning in particular) from their popular running shoes and other sports footwear.

If you are a fan of the more niche brands that focus specifically on golf, you should definitely consider men’s spikeless shoes from Footjoy and Callaway.

And if you are after some more budget-friendly options, Skechers has got a lot of reasonably-priced pairs of spikeless golf shoes for men.

Whatever your climate is, you are sure to find lots of waterproof options for the really wet conditions, many water-resistant golf shoes for the drizzles and morning dew, along with some breathable golf shoes for summer.

Most spikeless golf shoes for men come with a traditional lacing system. But if you prefer a more advanced closure that helps to adjust the fit quickly on the go, you will really appreciate men’s spikeless BOA golf shoes.

Getting a great golf shoe on the cheap

If you are on a tight budget, jump straight to cheap spikeless shoes. Alternatively, you can also catch a “big fish” from the more premium options thanks to our affiliate program with 200+ online shops. We keep track of all the available discounts for every spikeless golf shoe for men.