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Men's Nike soccer cleats

Nike Soccer loyally serves the needs of the men on the pitch. Their soccer cleats highlight specific attributes that various players may deem the most important. The Nike Mercurials are equipped with features that a speed-focused player will surely love. The Nike Tiempos are for those value wraparound comfort over anything else. The Nike Phantoms are for those who are aggressive and attack-focused.

Nike soccer cleats for men and their various versions

When Nike releases a model, expect that there will be multiple versions of it available. The one with "Elite" in its name is the most premium. It is the most expensive, and it's equipped with The Swoosh's most celebrated shoe technologies. Also, Elite versions almost always come with the ACC mark, which means that they work in all weather conditions. Elite soccer cleats are best used by professional players with high skill levels.

Then there's the version with "Pro" in its name. Like an Elite, a Pro is also for professional soccer men. Though the techs infused in it are a bit more dated than those incorporated in an Elite, they are still almost of the same level performance-wise. Many buyers go Pro because it is significantly cheaper than an Elite. 

Price and technology dive further down with the "Academy" and "Club" versions. Players who are still mastering their skills can opt for these Nike soccer cleat options. Even if they are cheaper and of lower-quality material-wise, these versions can still compete head-to-head with other soccer cleats from Nike and even from other brands.