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  1. New Balance 813 - Black (MW813BK)
    Any color
    New Balance 813 - Black (MW813BK)
    New Balance 813 - White (WW813WT)
    $90 $38 Save 58%
  2. New Balance 577 - White (MW577WT)
    Any color
    New Balance 577 - White (MW577WT)
    New Balance 577 - Black (MW577BK)
    $80 $57 Save 29%
  3. New Balance 623 v3 - White/Silver (MX623AW3)
  4. New Balance 877 - Grey (MW877GT)
  5. New Balance 1700 - Brown (MD1700BR)
  6. New Balance 624 - White (MX624WN2)
  7. New Balance 770 - Brown (M770SBN7)
  8. New Balance Hook and Loop 577 - White (W577VW)
  9. New Balance 847 v4 - Light Aluminum Vintage Indigo Team Carolina (W847LG4)
  10. New Balance 669 v2 - Chocolate Brown/Chocolate Brown (W669LC2)
  11. New Balance 928 v3 - White (MW928WM3)
  12. New Balance 847 v3 - Grey (WW847GS3)
  13. New Balance 1450 - Brown (W1450WN)
  14. New Balance 840 v2 - Black Black Black Black Bk2 (MW840BK2)
  15. New Balance 365 - Black/White (MA365BK)
  16. New Balance 1200 - new-balance-1200-839f
  17. New Balance RCVRY v2 - Black (WRCVRYB2)
  18. New Balance 669 - AS PICS (W669BR)
  19. New Balance Hook and Loop 813 - Black (MW813HB)
  20. New Balance 1350 - Black Lead (W1350WL)
  21. New Balance Ralaxa - Black/Grey (MARLXLB1)
  22. New Balance 1865 - Black (W1865BK)
  23. New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 - Pigment Vintage Indigo (W1165PM)
  24. New Balance Fresh Foam 1365 - Black/Grey/White (W1365LK)
  25. New Balance 1201 - Marblehead/Magnet (W1201MH)
  26. New Balance Leather 928 v3 - Black (W928BK3)
  27. New Balance Postal 706 v2 - new-balance-postal-706-v2-659d
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Men’s New Balance walking shoes

New Balance is among the world’s biggest sportswear manufacturers, and they have successfully entered the walking shoe category.

While it is undeniable that Skechers is the go-to walking shoes of many, you guys should seriously not sleep on men’s New Balance walking shoes; these kicks do not fall short of quality, comfort, and style.

Running out of options is impossible

Walking is part of our everyday lives, and wearing comfortable walking shoes will ensure that your feet are kept cozy at all times.

Whether you are looking for a pair of men's New Balance walking shoes for all-day wear, work, or traveling, you will not run out of choices. 

Easy-to-style black and white New Balance walking shoes are also available here at RunRepeat, which will let you easily pair your footwear with any attire.

You also do not have to worry about the weather. We have various waterproof walking shoes from New Balance here, which will guarantee to keep your feet warm and dry.

There are so many New Balance walking shoes for men here at RunRepeat, and you are likely to find one that matches your requirement. Just use our interactive filters to help you narrow down the choices or see our guide for the best NB walking shoes for men.

Deals for Men’s NB walking shoes

There are a lot of good deals here at RunRepeat. By partnering with more than 200 retailers, we can offer you these men’s New Balance walking shoes at an affordable price.