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    Nike Lebron Witness 6 - Red (DO9843600)
    Nike Lebron Witness 6 - Blue (DO9843401)
    Nike Lebron Witness 6 - Black Siren Red 005 (CZ4052005)
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    Nike Air Max Impact 4 - Blue (DM1124400)
    Nike Air Max Impact 4 - Black White Anthracite Racer Blue (DM1124001)
    Nike Air Max Impact 4 - White (DM1124100)
    £100 £70 Save 30%
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Men's cheap basketball shoes

When we talk about baketball shoes, elite athletes like LeBron James, James Harden, and Stephen Curry easily come to mind. These men have signature lines with their respective brands. Because they are celebrities, their shoes are the ones that easily get popular. However, there is one lingering issue with these shoes: they are kind of pricey that some fans do not get to use them at all. 

Luckily, brands listen to fans. Aside from the elite athletes' main signature series, the brands also produce special collections of affordable shoes that still bear the athletes' names and prestige. These options are generally made of less flashy techs and cheaper materials. 

Other types of cheap basketball shoes for men

Besides takedown signatures, other kinds of cheap basketball shoes are also available for men. Of course, there are those non-signature basketball shoes that brands explicitly market as "the affordable options." Nike Basketball, for example, has the Fly.By Mid 2, which costs way below a hundred bucks.

There are also basketball shoes that get cheaper over time. Actually, almost all basketball shoes get cheaper as they age out and are replaced by newer (and assumed to be better, though that it not always the case) models. Yes, waiting it out can really get you discounts.

Some basketball shoes for men also get price cuts during special occasions or store-specific promotions. Here at RunRepeat, we give you a snapshot of how a specific basketball shoe is priced by online retailers within our network.  The cheapest offers are always on top.