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Asics golf shoes for men

Very new to the golf shoe scene, Asics introduced its first pair for the sport in 2020. Since then, it has gained a good reputation, living up to its high-quality standards in other types of athletic footwear.

Attention to detail, comfort, and excellent on-court performance are some of the features that have made Asics golf shoes competitive among 130+ golf shoes for men.

Choose the right Asics golf shoe for you

The Asics Gel Course series includes both spikeless and spiked options, depending on your needs. If you prefer to wear your golf shoes casually, see the Glide or the Ace.

If you want to keep it purely athletic and get that extra grip from the spikes, check out the Asics Gel Course Duo BOA. It is a waterproof model for those who play mostly in wet conditions. It also boasts the advanced BOA closure which helps to get a fine-tuned fit that’s very easy to adjust.

Get a good discount on men’s Asics golf shoes

Asics golf shoes for men are not the cheap tier, with the asking price ranging from $130 to $180. But the good news is that you can find an excellent deal here on RunRepeat and save up to 50%.

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Along with Asics, we also house a wide selection of men’s golf shoes from premium brands like Nike, Adidas, Footjoy, and Ecco.