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If you take a look at the logo of your Mammut mountaineering boots, you will be instantly reminded of Manny the woolly mammoth in the Ice Age movies. They exude an imposing, tough, and adventure-ready aura. And for your expeditions, wearing these dependable and sturdy pairs will make you feel like a woolly mammoth who is more than capable of tackling big boulders, freezing terrains, and challenging trails.

The Swiss brand, founded in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner specializes in mountaineering and trekking gear. And while mammoths have gone extinct, the brand promises that it won’t be profiting from the improper ways of harnessing materials. It vows to work with suppliers that protect the ethical husbandry of animals. More importantly, there is no component acquired that does not follow ethical standards.

In April 2003, Mammut, through its parent company Conzzeta AG, acquired Raichie. This somehow created some controversy after the latter’s brand name was changed just a year shy of its 100th year anniversary. However, despite the initial fiasco, a lot of people have learned to love Mammut mountaineering boots as the brand’s logo translated to more fun adventures and reliable footwear.

Why men and women love Mammut

Best Mammut mountaineering boots - May 2020

An array of Mammut mountaineering boots help outdoor junkies with their dream to conquer summits. Many of the brand’s followers love that these come with the needed weather protection. As climbing summits could take days and may even subject mountaineers to various conditions, the waterproof lining and insulation could come in handy.

The brand has likewise earned praises for adding protective features. There is a huge challenge awaiting climbers thus, rubber rands, robust upper materials, and other protective features are helpful in giving wearers the protection they need.

Grip and traction are also necessary for outdoor adventures, and Mammut mountaineering boots do not fall short in this requirement. By using outsole technologies from reputable brands like Vibram and Michelin, mountaineers are afforded an excellent grip on surfaces.

Benefits of wearing Mammut mountaineering boots

The outdoor company has produced an impressive list of Mammut mountaineering boots, climbing footwear, hiking boots, mountain training shoes, and skiing gear. Owners have been praising their pairs for all these reasons:

Comfort and fit

By using technologies like the Feet Map system, the brand is able to deliver footwear that allocates cushioning to pressure points, therefore, increasing the wearer’s level of ease. A few models also come with 2-zone lacing and pre-shaped tongue which both guarantee that the fit is perfect without sacrificing comfort.


Getting an excellent pair of mountaineering boots means being able to use it for a considerable length of time over rough grounds. The good news for fans of Mammut is that their extensive line of mountaineering footwear come powered by a variety of materials and technologies that work together to last through tough trails for a considerable length of time. Mammut mountaineering boots are made and equipped for via ferrata, high alpine, and other thousands-of-feet-above-ground adventures.


The most important part of the climb is to keep the feet steady and secure. Mammut mountaineering boots are designed to help wearers endure multiple-day trips with a heavy load to bear. The footwear must have stiffer midsoles suitable for off-trail travel. The extra stiffness and height of the footgear support adventurers when tackling steep terrains.


Even when you wear the best running shoes or best hiking shoes, you cannot tackle slippery snow or climb over high boulders. These obstacles are simply too difficult for the two footwear types. As mountains are a challenge to conquer, wearing Mammut boots equipped with Vibram or Michelin high-traction outsoles is advisable. Dependable traction helps adventure-seekers walk over muddy and slippery surfaces with greater ease.


One of the qualities that make a mountaineering boot good is the protection it can offer. The feet are vulnerable to various types of injuries along the trail, and the maker wants to address this concern by creating footgear that will keep wearers covered, protected, and well-insulated. Through robust upper materials and the use of a padding system, Mammut mountaineering boots afford mountaineers the protection they need.

Mammut mountaineering boot qualities

No good pair of Mammut mountaineering boots happens by accident as all of these are carefully crafted. Each part of the boot is designed with the absolute comfort and support of the outdoor-lover in mind. Here’s what makes a pair worthy of a space in your rack:

Materials used

Half of the performance of outdoor footwear is attributed to the components they are made with. Here are a few of the things that the maker is using for their models:

  • Leather. There are different types of leather used by outdoor shoe manufacturers. The material is derived from animal rawhides and is best known for its flexibility and durability.
  • Neoprene. Some Mammut mountaineering boots come with neoprene gaiters. This fabric is often used for wetsuits, so it is known as an alternative to the scuba knit. It is durable and is also stain resistant.
  • Memo foam. Memory foam is commonly used in outdoor footgear to promote even distribution of balance while wearing the shoe. This foam is made of polyurethane and is employed by Mammut to encourage individual fit and cushion at the instep, shin, and ankle.
  • Rubber rand. The rand is a component that joins the upper and sole part of the footwear. This adds to the overall waterproofing and anti-abrasion properties of Mammut mountaineering boots.
  • Rubber toe cap. A toe cap is also called a bumper. It is either made of rubber or steel and is placed at the toe part of the footwear. This basically helps protect the feet from scrapes and other hazards.
  • Board last. Board lasting is referring to the assembly operation of stretching the shoe upper over the last. A paper fiber board is stapled or glued to the This is done to come up with outdoor gear with a stiffer underfoot.


The other half of making Mammut mountaineering boots dependable is the kind of technologies used in them. Through the years, the company has developed various techs to create good-quality footgear:

  • Gore-Tex. A very popular way of waterproofing footgear is by using a Gore-Tex lining, membrane, or laminate. The brand’s shoe technologies promise that any type of shoe with this technology will be waterproof and breathable. This is popularly used for outdoor gear like Mammut mountaineering boots where most people are exposed to the unpredictable and sometimes harsh outdoor environment.
  • 3 Zone Lacing. A perfect lockdown is one of the best ways to provide people with more support on the trail. Some models of Mammut mountaineering boots are designed with a 3 Zone Lacing system consisting of round synthetic laces, loops, and open hooks. This can be adjusted to fit every person and situation.
  • Base Fit 2.1. This is a system that gives blister protection and heel support to wearers of Mammut mountaineering boots.
  • Feet Map. This is the lining and padding system used for some Mammut mountaineering boots. Through this, mountaineers experience more comfort, fewer pressure points, less perspiration, and a warmer feel.
  • Insulated Carbon Insole. This is a patented technology of Mammut. Alpine boots with this technology use a double-insulated carbon insole which helps reduce weight and provide rigidity and better insulation.
  • Motion Control. This technology ensures that adventurers can count on strong lateral support and flexibility provided by their boots. Because of motion control, there will be less ankle twisting.
  • Triple Density. Sometimes used with the Motion Control system, the Triple Density midsole helps improve the support, stability, and cushioning experienced by the wearer.
  • Liquid Rubber Protection. The zone with Liquid rubber is another technology that protects Mammut mountaineering boots against abrasions and damage.
  • Vibram. The most popular outsole component, Vibram is best known for their rubber lug soles which are known for providing excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Michelin technical outsoles. Mammut has also partnered with Michelin technical soles for their mountaineering boots. These soles are known to be as competent as Michelin tires when it comes to tackling alpine trails.


Are you looking forward to a fun time conquering mountains and is in search of a pair of reliable footwear that will not cost an arm and a leg? Mammut mountaineering boots have models that suit every budget. The general mountaineering designs are around $330 while the Alpine boots could go as high as $680.


As Mammut’s parent company is known for exporting its products in different parts of the world, it only follows that Mammut mountaineering boots have also been made available to other parts of the world. Aside from its stores and own online shopping site, it also has partnerships with other retailers. Mammut’s international shopping portal has also been tailored for these countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United States of America, United Kingdom, and Japan – making it easier for shoppers to narrow down their options within their regions. 

Some popular Mammut mountaineering boots for men and women

Mammut mountaineering boots are gaining good reviews from climbers who took them to great adventures. A few models that are making waves among outdoor lovers are Kento High GTX, Nordwand 2.1 High, Magic Guide High GTX, Nordwand Light Mid GTX, Magic High GTX, Alto Guide High GTX, Kento High GTX, and Ayako High GTX.

Mammut mountaineering boots FAQs

Are there Mammut mountaineering boots for women?

Acknowledging that women’s feet are different from that of men’s, Mammut mountaineering boots made specifically for them were introduced. These are packed with similar comfort features with the men’s models but with a very close fitting and narrow heel.

How reliable is the performance of Mammut mountaineering boots?

Mammut promises that all of their products are designed and handcrafted to deliver the best performance to wearers. For their great performance, some of the shoes were even awarded by some reputable bodies. The Ayako High GTX, for example, won the Editor’s Choice award from the Outdoor Enthusiast magazine.

Are Mammut mountaineering boots covered by warranty?

Mammut promises that all of their products go through a rigorous and stringent process of quality control check. However, there are also times when even the most reliable makers and hawk-eyed quality checkers miss some faults on a pair. In case you are one of those who purchased Mammut mountaineering boots that are not in perfect shape, you can have them repaired or replaced.

Even better news, the company promises that their repair and replacement policies take effect even after the statutory warranty period. Worth noting though, this arrangement does not cover damages caused by accidents, improper usage, natural wear and tear, abrasions or fire, and fading colors due to UV exposure.