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Taking a pair of Mammut hiking boots for your next adventure might be an option worth looking into. It presents a set of qualities that can help you perform better on the trail without compromising safety. The brand’s mid-cut and high-cut footgear models also feature various technologies that can improve your outdoor experience. Take a look at one of Mammut’s hikers and find out how this footwear can be useful for your adventure.

Why you should consider getting new Mammut hiking boots

Best Mammut hiking boots

Best Mammut hiking boots - May 2019

They’re comfortable

Comfort is crucial to the success of your hike. As such, the brand’s designers infused a number of components to keep you comfortable in this footwear. The lining used in some footgear models is soft and flexible so your foot can move without any discomfort. High-end Mammut hiking boots are lined with memory foam to cushion your instep, ankle, and shin. Moreover, a footbed is found inside to boost underfoot comfort with each stride.

You are protected

Mammut hiking boots are designed to help you have a safer hike. Foremost among these features is a Gore-Tex membrane found in some of the brand’s footwear products. This technology keeps your foot dry from various wet trail conditions while allowing excess moisture to pass through it. Select Mammut hikers are also equipped with tough toe caps. This component protects your foot from a nasty case of stubbing. Thanks to these features, you can focus more on your hike and worry less about the trail challenges you might encounter.

They provide sufficient grip

Most trails are filled with uneven ground conditions and slippery surfaces along the way. Mammut hiking boots are equipped with grippy outsoles that can secure your footing through these obstacles. The profile of this component features an aggressive lug pattern that renders traction on virtually all types of terrain.  Also, specific Mammut hikers are crampon-compatible to give you a better grip in a more challenging environment.

Mammut hiking boots offer ample support

Carrying extra weight on your hike can be bad if your feet aren’t supported by the gear you’re wearing. There are Mammut hiking boots that come with mid or high-cut uppers that provide enough ankle coverage. This upper design prevents your ankles from twisting while you’re traversing uneven terrain.

The company’s boots use a midsole component that contains a wedge made of either polyurethane (PU) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). The first material is known for its resiliency to wear while the latter provides lightweight cushioning. Some footgear products come with a lasting board which grants additional stiffness and support

They’re built to last long

Hiking gear products are exposed to the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Mammut hiking boots are crafted using sturdy materials to enhance their durability. Some of the brand’s high-end hikers use nubuck or full-grain leather uppers, making them highly resistant to abrasion and the elements. These boots are also fitted with toe caps to boost their toughness.

The building blocks of the best Mammut hiking boots


The Mammut Sports Group AG traced its humble beginnings in 1862 when Kaspar Tanner started making ropes in Switzerland. Over the years, Tanner’s company progressed to producing all sorts of outdoor gear products, such as Gore-Tex jackets, climbing harnesses, sleeping bags, and backpacks, among others.

In 2003, Mammut purchased footwear company Raichle and incorporated their expertise. Since then, the brand has been manufacturing various footgear products, such as Mammut hiking boots, and marketing them to outdoor enthusiasts.

Most establishments and their partner stores are located in North America and Europe. Their finest hiking boots are also carried by various online retailers that can ship your target pair anywhere in the world. 


  • Gore-Tex. A lot of outdoor gear manufacturers line their hiking boots with Gore-Tex membrane for water protection. Mammut is one of them. The liner’s surface contains over a million pores to prevent water from entering the gear. Its design also allows moisture to pass through it, imbuing the footwear with breathability.
  • Vibram. Outsole components made by Vibram contain multi-directional lugs which grant traction over various types of terrain. The outsole’s self-cleaning treads also shed dirt and debris for optimal traction.
  • Rolling Concept. This is Mammut’s patented technology which provides a boost in support and cushioning to your ankle. It also helps your foot’s natural rolling movement, reducing fatigue and preventing the ankle from twisting.
  • Base Fit. Some of Mammut’s hiking boots possess the company’s proprietary Base Fit technology. Its sliding webbing design strengthens the lacing area to the gear’s soles to achieve a more secure fit.
  • Feet Map. This technology consists of a lining and padding system placed inside the boot to combat perspiration and lessen pressure points.

Frequently asked questions about Mammut hiking boots

Are there wide women’s Mammut hiking boots available?

Mammut currently offers two hiking boots for female adventurers – the Chamuera Mid WP and the Trovat Advanced High GTX. Both of these products are only available in standard width. Wider variants of these hikers aren’t produced yet. Those interested in purchasing the brand’s boots should determine the width of their foot first to avoid getting an ill-fitting pair.

What are the available sizes for men’s Mammut hiking boots?

This company offers mid-top and high-top boots for hiking in a range of whole and half-sizes. The smallest being sold is size 7.5 while the largest available is 14. The best course of action is to personally fit these Mammut hiking boo