buy made in usa hiking boots for men and women

If you’re about to spend some time outdoors, you should consider the benefits of using Made in USA hiking boots. Several footwear manufacturers offer a number of quality mid and high-cut hikers that are constructed in the United States. They are loaded with various technologies that help you perform better on the trail while keeping your feet shielded from harm. These footgear products are also built using durable materials to help them last against harsh outdoor conditions. Take a look at these hiking boots made in the USA and discover the advantages they have in store for you.

How to find out if your target hiking boots are made in the USA

Best Made in USA hiking boots - May 2020

Getting new hiking boots made in the USA can be tricky if you have no idea of how to identify their authenticity. Shown below are some tips that can help you determine if the hikers you’re planning to purchase are really made in the United States.

  • The first thing you can do to determine if your target hiking boots are made in the USA or not is to visit the manufacturer’s website. Some of these companies disclose the location of their factory in their respective homepages.
  • If you can’t find any leads in these brand websites, you can send them an inquiry via email. More often than not, service representatives from these footwear companies will respond within 24 hours to tell you if these are authentically Made in USA hiking boots.
  • If you’re planning to visit an outdoor gear store, don’t forget to take a look inside one of the boots. To be specific, check the underside of the gear’s tongue for more information about the product. Most companies state the country where these hikers are built in this particular part of the product.
  • Be mindful of American footwear companies that outsource their manufacturing needs to factories in other countries, such as China and Vietnam. If you’re not sure where a footgear product is created, use the steps above to determine authenticity.
  • There are instances when various materials are sourced from other countries then assembled in the United States. If the hikers you’re eyeing fall under this classification, you can still consider them as authentically Made in USA hiking boots.

Notable brands that offer the best Made in USA hiking boots for men and women


Hiking boots made by USA brand Keen are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. These footwear products are designed to protect your feet outdoors while helping them perform on the trail. They come with various technologies that grant you support, traction, and a good fit. These Made in USA hiking boots are also engineered to last long while keeping your feet comfy. 


Danner’s Made in USA hiking boots are known for their blend of vintage style and performance on the trail. The brand’s best offerings feature leather uppers lined with waterproof membranes for enhanced sturdiness and protection from the elements. Certain hikers also come with Vibram outsoles to keep you steady over various ground conditions. These Made in USA hiking boots are built in Danner’s 59,000 square foot factory in Portland, Oregon.

Several alternatives to Made in USA hiking boots

If wearing Made in USA hiking boots isn’t your cup of tea, there are other footwear products available to you. Here are some non-American options you can include in your considerations.

German hiking boots

Hiking boots manufactured by German brands are recognized for their robustness and resistance to wear. The best hikers produced by these companies feature tough leather uppers, supportive midsole components, and multi-lugged outsoles to secure your footing. Select models are even built using a double stitch construction method which enhances their durability. Hiking boots offered by Lowa and Hanwag are among the finest German-made hikers in the market.

Italian hiking boots

The best Italian hiking boots are made with an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. They are renowned for their use of leather uppers that combine style, function, and robustness. These footwear products are further improved because of the inclusion of Vibram outsoles and Gore-Tex waterproof liners in their design. Zamberlan’s offerings are a good example of hikers manufactured in Italy.

Danner Mountain Light: an example of Made in USA hiking boots that achieved an iconic status

These Made in USA hikers were introduced in 1979 as the Danner 6490 boots. They were recognized as the first hiking product that provided competent water protection, thanks to the inclusion of a Gore-Tex liner. They were also known for their lightweight feel and durable construction. 

In the present time, Danner continues to manufacture the Mountain Light by hand in the company’s Oregon factory. They also produce other vintage-inspired boots like the Danner Light.

The details you need to remember when getting the best Made in USA hiking boots for men and women

Getting new hiking boots made in the USA can be a challenge if you do not know what you’re looking for. You might even end up wasting money on a pair that won’t give you the qualities you need on the trail. Shown below are some tips to help you determine what kind of American-made boots you need for your adventure.

  • First, you need to know the demands of your upcoming trip. If it won’t last an entire day and there are minimal trail challenges, you should go for comfy lightweight hiking boots. They provide ample performance for day hikes without placing too much weight on your feet. Select day hikers are equipped with breathable uppers to help cool your feet during a warm adventure.
  • If durability and protection are important for your adventure, it’s best to get sturdy leather hiking boots made in the USA. Their uppers are crafted to resist abrasion, unfavorable weather, and other harsh outdoor conditions.
  • There are times when the trail you’re going to tackle contains various wet conditions. If this is the case, you should go for hiking boots that prevent water intrusions. They are built with a waterproof liner to keep your feet dry and safe in this kind of terrain.
  • Setting your trip in a frigid environment calls for the right type of footgear. Several brands offer American-made hiking boots that contain layers of insulation to warm your feet in this terrain. Their outsoles are also optimized in cold weather to give you enough grip on slippery and slushy surfaces.
  • Getting an exact fit from your Made in USA hiking boots is crucial to the success of your trip. Make sure to choose a pair that holds your feet securely and comfortably in place. Otherwise, you’ll experience blisters when you wear ill-fitting hikers on your adventure.

Frequently asked questions about Made in USA hiking boots

How do I get a precise fit from the Made in USA hiking boots I’m planning to purchase?

  • You need to wear your preferred outdoor socks before getting your new hiking boots made in the USA. These socks add a little girth to your feet. Wearing them will give you an idea about the size you should go for.
  • Be sure to try Made in USA hiking boots during the afternoon as your feet swell a little larger at this particular time of the day.
  • Lace the boots to secure your feet. Walk around in these Made in USA hiking boots to check how they feel. Make sure your toes don’t hit against the forefoot area and your heels don’t rise when making a step. If you experience these things, better ask for a smaller or bigger size until you get the right fit.
  • If you’re ordering Made in USA hiking boots online, you need to determine your exact size. Place your foot under a piece of paper. Mark the position of the longest toe and the heel using a pen. Measure the distance between these two positions in either inches or centimeters. Once you have that piece of information, proceed to your preferred American manufacturer website and locate their fit guide. Use the measurement of your foot to determine the available sizes of the Made in USA hiking boots you’re planning to buy.

Why are hiking boots manufactured in China more prone to defects than their American-made counterparts?

Footwear products manufactured in Chinese factories have a poor reputation among outdoor enthusiasts. There are a lot of consumers who discovered one or several serious defects from hiking boots made in China. Chinese labor practices are more demanding than those found in other parts of the world. These practices lead to laborers’ exhaustion which results in defective products being shipped to different countries. It doesn’t help too that these workers earn less for the amount of time they work in these factories. As such, these adverse working conditions contribute to the presence of defects found in footgear models made in China.

Are Made in USA hiking boots easy to find?

It’s easy to find hiking boots made in the USA these days. You can visit the nearest outdoor gear store and ask for hikers that are manufactured in the United States. There are a lot of online retailers that carry these products. You can browse their respective catalogs, purchase the Made in USA hiking boots that you want, and have them delivered to your location. Keep in mind to know what kind of gear you need for your trip so you won’t end up wasting your money.