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buy leather climbing shoes for men and women

Those who are particular about fit might want to give leather climbing shoes a try. They are engineered to stretch over the course of time from its original sizing. This rock shoe type is often preferred by some climbers for its comfortable feel, once it has been broken in. At the same time, there are those who choose these kicks for its inherent durability and breathability. If you are seeking these qualities, you may want to consider the benefits offered by a pair of leather climbing shoes.

The two types of leather climbing shoes

Best leather climbing shoes

Best leather climbing shoes - November 2019

Lined. Lined kicks usually expand to at least ½ to ¾ of a shoe size when stretched. These leather climbing shoes are also less breathable and have a greater tendency to stink than their unlined counterparts.

Unlined. Leather climbing shoes that don’t contain any lining are capable of stretching to a full size. They are also known for being breathable and less prone to stink.

Advantages of the best men's and women's leather climbing shoes

They conform to your foot

Leather climbing shoes are known for their ability to stretch. Most of these kicks stretch by up to one full shoe size while others can go for more. At first, wearers may find it hard to break them in. They will eventually conform to the size of your foot and provide a snug fit after a few uses. Leather offerings are also comfortable once they have been broken in.

Leather climbing shoes breathe well

Unlined leather rock shoes offer better breathability than other upper construction types. As such, your foot won’t sweat that much during a climb. This quality will also prevent moisture from building up. As a result, you can have a more comfortable in-shoe environment whenever you’re attempting a send.

They smell better than synthetic climbing shoes

Since leather kicks have better breathability than most synthetic climbing shoes, they have a smaller chance to stink. There’s also a chance you won’t have to deal with smelly feet at the end of each climb.

Leather climbing shoes are sturdier

Leather is a material known for its resistance to abrasion. Rock climbing shoes that use a leather upper are generally more durable. They are also able to sustain a lot of abuse from harsh terrain, making them last longer.

Some brands that offer the finest leather climbing shoes for men and women

La Sportiva

The best leather climbing shoes from La Sportiva are crafted with an emphasis on technical edging and crack climbing. They come with some of the brand’s technologies, such as their trademarked P3 midsoles. This feature, which stands for Permanent Power Platform, delivers the precision climbers need when tackling micro-edges. They also use Vibram outsoles to gain a good grip on challenging rock surfaces.


Some of the finest leather Scarpa offerings use a flat profile, making them suitable for beginners. They are also suitable for experienced climbers who need comfort for long multi-pitch routes. These leather kicks also feature a Flexan midsole to deliver a balance between support and flexibility. As a result, some of Scarpa’s leather climbing pieces may be used for both smearing and securing small footholds.