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Klay Alexander Thompson is a 6’7” tall professional basketball player who has been serving as a shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors since 2011. He was the 11th pick of the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft.

Thompson was born on February 8, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of former National Basketball Association player Mychal Thompson and volleyball player Julie Thompson. He graduated in 2008 from Santa Margarita Catholic High School. At a young age, he already showed signs that he is a lethal shooter on the court. He was awarded the EA Sports Second Team All American, first-team Best in the West, league MVP, and Division III State player of the year.

He went to Washington State University and started with 33 games. He was elected to the All-Freshman Honorable Mention Team, and the Pac-10 All-Freshman Team in his first year. In his sophomore year, he received the Most Outstanding Player award, and named to the All-Pac-10 First Team. In his junior year, he was the university’s all-time leading scorer.

Klay Thompson’s career with the National Basketball Association started when he was selected 11th overall by the Golden State Warriors in the 2011 NBA Draft. His draft created speculations that starting guard Monta Ellis will be traded. With the help of coach Mark Jackson, Thompson’s defensive skills improved as seen in the four games he was involved in. On March 13, 2012, Ellis was then traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. Thompson was nominated to the NBA All-Rookie First Team at the end of the 2011-2012 season.

In the 2012-2013 season, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry became the best shooting duo in the history of the NBA as per Warriors coach Mark Jackson. In the 2013-2014 season, the Warriors were able to enter the 2014 NBA Playoffs, but lost the series.

The 2014-2015 season was remarkably memorable for Klay Thompson. He signed a four-year contract extension with the team in October 2014. For the first time in his basketball career, Thompson became a reserve for the 2015 Western Conference All-Star team in January 2015. After a forty-year championship drought, the Golden State Warriors finally became the champion against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite losing from the Cavaliers in the 2015-2016 NBA season and his struggles with shooting, Klay Thompson’s defense against Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving stood out. The Warriors moved on to become the NBA champion once more after tallying a 16-1 record in the playoffs and defeating the LeBron James-led Cavaliers during the Finals of the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

The Affordable Klay Thompson Shoes and the Techs that Make Them Beastly

best klay thompson basketball shoes
Best Klay Thompson basketball shoes - Decmeber 2019

In 2014, Thompson inked a six-year contract with Anta initially for footwear and apparel endorsements. However, in 2016, the contract was re-negotiated, and is now worth $80 million in a span of ten years.

There are already a number of Klay Thompson basketball shoes released stateside and overseas. It is reported that the shooting guard star is happy with the shoe brand because they give him chances to express himself through his shoes. Listed below are some of the most popular Klay Thompson basketball shoes:

  • KT 1. Released in June 2016, the first Klay Thompson shoes for sale feature a textile and synthetic leather upper with A-Web technology for breathability. The traction boasts a multidirectional herringbone pattern to support quick lateral and linear footwork. The outsole is available either in solid or translucent rubber depending on the colorway. For comfort, court feel, and responsiveness, the midsole is made of EVA foam. The heel counter has thermoplastic polyurethane for foot containment.  
    • Obsidian Back to Back. The Obsidian Back to Back is the original color of the Anta KT 1. It is a combination of black, gold, and white
    • USA Home. The USA Home colorway features a white upper with red and blue accents, which are of course inspired by the colors of the American flag. The shooting guard star wore these Anta basketball shoes during the 2016 Rio Olympic Home basketball game.
    • USA Road. The USA Road colorway is the blue and red pair used by Klay Thompson during the 2016 Rio Olympic games.
    • Golden State Warriors Home. Inspired by the white Home jersey of the Warriors, the Home colorway is a combination of white, blue, and yellow.
    • Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with a KT 1 colorway that features red, dark red, and gold.
    • Christmas. On Christmas Day of 2015, the Warriors faced the Cavaliers with Thompson wearing special edition KT1s that feature moonlight, white, and blue.
    • Playoffs Home. The Playoffs Home colorway is specially made for Klay Thompson’s 2016 NBA Playoffs stint. The colors are inspired by the blue jersey of the Golden State Warriors.
  • KT 2. The KT 2 was released in November 2016 at $120. This mid-top shoe’s upper is made of fuse for durability and mesh for breathability. Either solid or translucent, the outsole rubber has a herringbone traction pattern with deep grooves for great court control and grip. The heel has an expandable thermo polyurethane counter to provide a proper lockdown. The shoe features a full-length basic EVA foam. High-density foam pads are embedded at the forefoot and the heel for impact absorption. The design of the shoe is inspired by the hawk. For Anta, Thompson is like that bird that checks the area before hitting on the targeted prey. The second in the series of Klay Thompson basketball shoes was released in several colorways:
    • Whitehawk. The Whitehawk colorway is a white pair with yellow and blue accents. The inspiration of the design is from the hawk itself. Like Klay Thompson, it roams the perimeter quietly and suddenly strikes.
    • Blackhawk. The Blackhawk colorway is a blue and black pair with yellow accents and midsole.
    • Patriot. The Patriot colorway is a blue pair with red and white accents. This color combination is dedicated to the US his beloved country and the three championships he’s been to as a US representative: the 2009 FIBA U19 World Championships, the 2014 FIBA World Cup, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.
    • All Star. The All Star colorway is a combination of turquoise, purple, and pink. The inspiration is from his win in the 2016 Three-Point Contest. A shower of stars at the rear panel completes the shoe’s design.
    • Make It Rain. The Make It Rain colorway is a combination of cyan and navy with white accents. The lightning and rain at the upper represent the smoothness and fierceness of Klay Thompson on court.
    • Post Home. So as not to confuse this colorway with the Whitehawk, the Post Home does not have a mesh material on the side panels. It is white with yellow and blue accents. To further distinguish the Post Home from the Whitehawk, the top of the left tongue has Thompson’s signature while the right has the KT logo. The Post Home colorway is made for Thompson’s post-season run in 2017.
    • Post Away. The Post Away colorway is a blue colorway with white and yellow accents.
    • MLK. The limited edition MLK is a black pair with yellow accents. It is an ode to Martin Luther King. According to Anta’s website, it is “designed to evoke the power, strength and confidence embodied by one of America’s most historic and inspirational freedom fighters.”
    • The Chase Away. Featuring a black and gold upper, The Chase - Away colorway talks about the journey of Thompson’s post-season journey in 2017.
    • Pure. The Pure colorway is a combination of white and grey. It describes the silent attacks of Klay on court.
    • Tribute. The Tribute colorway is a desert pair with white accents. Thompson honors his grandfather, who is a former Navy veteran, and those who have devoted their lives to defend their beloved country.
    • Code Red. A red upper with white accent, the Code Red colorway represents Klay Thompson as one of the best defenders of the game.
    • Bahama. This turquoise and white colorway reminds Klay of Bahamas where Mychal taught him basketball.
    • Fadeaway. Released in only 312 pairs, the Fadeaway colorway has a gradient effect of white and black at the midfoot. It pays homage to Thompson’s famous jump shot.
    • Trust the Journey. The Trust the Journey colorway is a rose gold upper with a speckled white midsole.
    • Golden State Warriors Road. This black and blue colorway is inspired by the road jersey color of the Warriors. It has a blue outsole and yellow-speckled black midsole.
    • The Third Jersey. The Third Jersey is a white and black gradient colorway with a speckled midsole and light blue shoelaces.
    • Breast Cancer. Taking inspiration from the Pink Ribbon Festival, this pink pair supports the campaign for breast cancer awareness
  • KT 3. Designed by Robbie Fuller, the Anta KT 3 is reported to be one of the best basketball shoes in 2017. This high-top shoe features the Anta-Eve cushioning, which is an EVA midsole carrier with high-density foam pads at the forefoot and heel. These pads absorb impact at the heel and deliver court feel at the forefoot. For traction, the outsole has a circular pattern with deep grooves for maximum court control. For stability, it has a TPU auto-arch at the midfoot. The knit upper is strengthened by nylon and fuse. The following  are the colorways of the Anta KT 3:
    • BHM. The BHM colorway is an all-black pair of basketball shoes that celebrates the Black History Month.
    • Halloween. Klay being a huge follower of the Harry Potter series, the Halloween colorway is inspired by the green light on the magic wand of Lord Voldemort.
    • Away. In honor of the jersey colors of the Golden State Warriors, the Away colorway comes in blue, white, and yellow.
    • Get Hot Stay Hot. The Get Hot Stay Hot colorway is a black and blue pair with red accents. It is inspired by how Klay stays focused and collected during his games.
    • All Star. A combination of white and silver, the All Star colorway symbolizes the fourth All-Star selection of Thompson.
    • Red Passion. Bursting in red, black, gold, and white, the limited release Red Passion colorway is also called China Klay and China Red.
    • Rocco. The colorway is an ode to Klay’s beloved bulldog Rocco. This limited release colorway features a tan suede upper with the faces of Rocco and Klay on the tongue.
    • Black Panther. Released in mid and low-tops, the Black Panther colorway is a collaboration with Marvel to commemorate the number one box office movie. Thompson wore this black and silver pair in their game against the Atlanta Hawks.
    • Gold Blooded. On October 22, 2017, the Gold Blooded colorway was released only in 99 pairs. 99 is the total number of games played to achieve the 2017 NBA title.
    • Christmas Wars. As a first in the series, these Klay Thompson Christmas shoes are neon green on the left and neon pink on the right. Both have white outsoles and speckled midsoles. These Anta basketball shoes have almost the same concept as the Nike Kyrie 4 Confetti.
    • Veteran’s Day. The Veteran’s Day colorway is a navy and white pair. It is also known as the Military State of Mind colorway.
    • Money Ball. The Money Ball colorway comes in white with red and blue accents.
  • KT 3 Low. Sporting the same technologies, the Anta KT 3 basketball shoes are also available in low-top versions. 
    • Gray/Black
    • Blue/Black
    • Mint Green
  • KT 3 Lite. Released in the winter of 2017, the KT 3 Lite features a breathable mesh heel with a TPU counter for support. The traction comes from a combination of hexagon and herringbone patterns that delivers an amazing grip on any surface.
    • Brown/Black. The camouflage-inspired colorway of the KT 3 Lite is a combination of black, brown, and dark green with a speckled black midsole.
    • Bright Blue. The bright blue colorway is a blue upper with a black tongue, black midsole, white outsole, and a red heel for aesthetic appeal.
    • Black. The third pair of light Klay Thompson shoes have a black upper and white outsole.
  • KT Light. The KT Light is the first in the series of light Klay Thompson shoes for sale. They were released in the summer of 2016. These lightweight Anta basketball shoes boast a breathable mesh upper. The outsole features the Control-5WD technology and a herringbone traction pattern. The perforated insole can be washed to prevent odors. These Klay Thompson shoes are available in a few colorways:
    • Golden State Warriors Home. Inspired by the blue jersey of the Golden State Warriors, the KT Light comes in a blue colorway that has white and yellow accents
    • Golden State Warriors Away. These Klay Thompson basketball shoes also come in a colorway that is inspired by the white jersey of the team. It is white with blue and yellow accents.
    • Black/Orange/Blue. The KT Light also comes as an orange and blue pair with a  black mid-outsole.
    • Silver/Black/Gold/White. This colorway has a silver and gold upper with a black midsole and white outsole.
  • KT 2 Light. These Klay Thompson basketball shoes have received so much love from many reviewers. The outsole of the KT 2 Light features a combination of Control-5WD and herringbone to provide a more stable and better grip on any court. These Anta basketball shoes come with Anta Eve cushion. The midsole is made of a basic full-length EVA foam with high-density pads at the forefoot and heel. This setup provides an exciting amount of comfort, saving the knees and leg muscles from stress and fatigue. The upper is equipped with a breathable mesh and textile.It has fuse overlays at the toe cap for durability. These low-top Klay Thompson shoes are made available in March 2017 at less than $90. Below are the colorways of the KT 2 Light:
    • Dark Blue. The Dark Blue colorway has the same colors as the Golden State Warriors Away colorway which are a combination of blue, yellow, and white.
    • Vibrant Red. The Vibrant Red is a red pair with white leather rear panel and white outsole.
    • Lake Blue. The Lake Blue is a light blue pair with green accents.
    • Purple
    • Black
    • Red
    • White
    • Navy
    • Olive
  • KT 3 Light. Released on February 24, 2018, the KT 3 Light is a low-top version of the famous KT 3 model. It features a breathable mesh upper Anta calls the A-LIVEKNIT. Attached to the knit upper are strands that cinch the foot when the laces are tightened. It still has a TPU heel counter but with an improved cut and design for lightness. It has the same beastly traction as its predecessor. Currently, these Klay Thompson basketball shoes come in a few colorways such as the following:
    • Cavalry - Mint Green
    • Cavalry - Black
    • Cavalry - White
    • Cavalry - Orange
    • Cavalry - Deep Blue
    • Blue/Black
    • Red
  • KT 2018. The latest Klay Thompson basketball shoes have textile and cow split suede uppers. The midsole is equipped with EVA, nylon, and rubber for a comfortable and responsive fit. For an unstoppable movement on court, the outsole boasts a wavy herringbone traction pattern. These Klay Thompson new shoes are currently available in four colorways:
    • Black
    • Light Purple
    • Blue
    • Red
  • KT 2 Outdoor. The mid-top silhouette of the KT 2 Outdoor has a breathable mesh and synthetic leather upper. The solid rubber outsole comes with a herringbone traction pattern. The responsiveness comes from the EVA carrier with a Diamond cushioning setup. The TPU at the midfoot helps stabilize landings.
    • Chase & Hunt. The Chase & Hunt colorway is a combination of blue and black with hints of yellow and white.
    • Red Alert. The Red Alert colorway is a crimson pair with accents of black and white.
    • Home. The Home colorway is inspired by the jersey colors of the Golden State Warriors: blue, yellow, and white.
    • Halloween. The Halloween colorway has a grey upper with orange, light blue, and black accents at the tongue and outsole.
    • Bluebird. The Bluebird colorway is a royal blue pair with electric green accent.
  • KT Outdoor 2 Low. The KT Outdoor 2 Low is another affordable and outdoor signature shoe from Anta. It boasts the A-SHOCK technology for stable underfoot cushioning. The outsole has a thick rubber compound with A-HARDCOURT RB for durability. For lightness, ventilation, and comfort, the upper of the KT Outdoor 2 utilizes mesh and synthetic leather. The shoe model is available in the following colorways:
    • White and black
    • Purple and blue
    • Black and green
    • Black and rose
    • Black and grey
    • Orange and black
    • Orange and blue
  • KT 4. The fourth signature shoe of Klay Thompson features the A-Web technology in its knit upper to ensure a superb fit. For cushioning, the shoe comes with the A-FlashFoam cushion beneath the heel area. The outsole of the KT 4 from Chinese brand Anta perform well on any court surface with its fingerprint-like traction pattern. Just like with the previous models, Klay Thompson has special narratives for some of the colorways of the shoe model.
    • Camouflage. In a camouflage print, this colorway comes in black, green, grey, and white combination.
    • Christmas. Just like the KT 3 Christmas Wars, the Anta KT 4 Christmas is a mismatched shoe with a dominantly fluorescent green left shoe, and a fluorescent red right shoe.
    • Make It Rain. Similar to the KT 2 Make It Rain, Thompson’s smoothness and fierceness on court is described by the black upper contrasted with blue, purple, and white.
    • On Fire. This KT 4 colorway comes in a fiery red upper with a red midsole and white outsole. The On Fire colorway released in Winter 2018.
    • Shock The Game. In a black upper, the Shock The Game colorway is combined with metal gold and white for accents.
    • Still Waters Run Deep. This KT 4 is a black pair with white and green accents. The colorway describes Klay Thompson’s quiet personality and his beastly performance on court.
    • Veteran’s Day. To celebrate an important event like the Veteran’s Day, this KT colorway is a solid blue pair with a white and blue camouflage midsole.

Designers of Klay Thompson Shoes

Klay Thompson’s signature basketball shoes are not going to be famous if not for the creative minds behind each model. The designers creatively incorporate inspirations and ideas into the shoes.

Designers for brands like Nike and Adidas are easily available for interviews, in which they reveal the details and technologies of the shoes that they work on. Anta, however, keeps their design ideas company-exclusive. Based on Anta’s website, the members of their design team are from China, USA, UK, Italy, Japan, Korea, and other countries. No names were shown, except for Robber Fuller’s image. Fuller is the only known designer of Klay Thompson new shoes.

Robbie Fuller joined Anta in February 2016 as its creative director for footwear. He was with Adidas from February 2001 to August 2015. He designed basketball shoes for famous signature athletes like Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Damian Lillard.

In an interview with a shoe blogger, he described Klay as the “silent one” or “Quiet Klay.” He said as a Splash Brother, the design of his shoes need to draw inspiration from water that’s why there are translucent rubber outsoles available in some models.

He added that since the majority of people in China play outdoors, Klay Thompson basketball shoes need to have sturdy rubber outsoles with multidirectional traction patterns. He disclosed that there is less transparency with Anta when it comes to the materials they use and technologies they create. He assured everyone, however, that they always work hard to ensure Klay Thompson’s comfort.

According to Fuller, Thompson has worn different cuts in his games, and he noticed that the shooting guard star does not lace all the way up. To give Klay Thompson proper lockdown, Fuller added an ankle strap.

Symbolisms in the Klay Thompson Basketball Shoes

Klay Thompson is undeniably one of the most famous NBA players of this generation. As the current face of Anta, he needs to have logos and symbolisms to set his signature shoes apart from the others.

  • Klay Thompson logo. As a two-time NBA champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and one of the most lethal shooters in the basketball league today, Klay Thompson deserves the logo as a unique mark of his greatness, talent, and brand.
  • XXVII. The “XXVII” is found on the inner lining of the tongue of the left Anta KT 2 shoe. It represents the number of points he scored to clinch the 2016 Three-Point Contest trophy.

Watch Out For Klay Thompson New Shoes

Anta is reported to be the best Chinese basketball brand. It has become famous stateside since it launched Klay Thompson as the face of the company.

Looking at the pattern of the release dates of Klay Thompson new shoes, it appears that the brand targets summer and fall. The Anta basketball shoes for Klay also come out yearly with light and low versions. The designs do not attract sneakerheads as much as they attract basketball players. Even so, Anta still releases Klay Thompson new shoes with different colorways throughout the year.

Klay Thompson Shoes For Sale

Klay Thompson basketball shoes cost between $70 to $120 per pair. For brands like Jordan and Adidas, this price range is already for budget models that either have less technologies or use   ordinary materials. With Anta basketball shoes, this is not the case. The low price is actually paired with high-level performance, undisclosed technologies, and anonymous designers. these Klay Thompson shoes for sale truly are constant reminders that quality doesn’t really have to be expensive.

Even with the shoes’ affordability, there are still those who are willing to wait for further price drops, which normally happen during the release period of newer models. For these people, spending frugally is more noble than sticking to what is new.

There are as well people who shop in advance for special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration. A way to prepare for these occasions, without cramming for gifts, is to purchase them in advance when store outlets have promotions or discounted sales.  These Klay Thompson new shoes can be kept in clear and dry storage boxes in a cool and sunlight-free place. This will prevent materials on the shoe from chipping off.

For families who work out together or take walks at the park, friends who want to have the same shoe as “friendship goals,” and groups that join small basketball leagues, Klay Thompson basketball shoes have plenty of colorways for everyone.


Who is Rocco in Klay Thompson’s life?

Rocco is Klay’s dog of five years. He said, ”As the old adage goes, a dog is a man's best friend, I really believe that. ... He doesn't care if I win games or make three-balls. He just wants to be my friend, and I appreciate that about Rocco.” The dog’s name was from an Italian gangster movie Klay watched. He compared the “big, stout, burly guy” in the movie to his bulldog and gave Rocco as its name. Rocco is referenced in one of the colorways of the Anta KT 3.

Who are the Splash Brothers?

The Splash Brothers are Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. “Splash” is how commentators describe the sound of the ball when the duo throw the ball and shoot without hitting the ring. Curry and Thompson are interchangeable in the shooting guard role since both are elite three-point shooters. The nickname was created by writer Brian Witt on December 22, 2012 when he tweeted:

“Halftime: Warriors 58 - Bobcats 49. @StephenCurry30 & Klay Thompson are a combined 7-of-11 from 3 point range #SplashBrothers”

According to Curry, “"It's a pretty accurate term, I'd like to say. I don't think we've called each other that ever, but it's fun." A lot agree that Curry and Thompson compliment each other. Warriors consultant and Hall of Famer Jerry West agreed as well and said, “For me, it's fun. One of them [Curry] plays the game with a lot more personality. The other one [Thompson] is a lot more workmanlike. They like each other, they know they're good for each other and they are a terrific backcourt."

What is Klay Thompson’s favorite drink?

KT’s favorite drink is chocolate milk. In an interview with USA TODAY Sport, he said, “Yeah, well, I don't know anyone who doesn't like chocolate milk. It's delicious, first of all. I've been drinking it my whole life. ... It's a supplement I use consistently. Workouts, breakfast, night cap. I really enjoy it, because in my diet and my training, you need to fill yourself with good proteins, good energy, and that's what chocolate milk has.”