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Jordan is undoubtedly one of the top running shoe brands in the world. Jordan running shoes make the people feel like they have the strength, agility, and grace of Michael Jordan. These running companions are created to help enhance the runners’ overall performance. They are also designed for the toughest workouts. 

For Michael Jordan fanatics, the Jordan brand running shoes bridge between the past and the future. They give inspiration to people who take pleasure in owning the same shoes that a legendary basketball player once used.

The History of Jordan Brand

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Best Jordan running shoes- December 2019

The history of the Air Jordan brand started in 1984, during a time when the Nike running shoe was struggling in the market. Nike teamed up with NBA rookie Michael Jordan to launch the iconic Air Jordan brand to appeal to a new segment of the market. Nike’s offer did not interest Michael Jordan at first. However, his agent, David Falk, saw great potential with what Nike was offering. The new brand will create a new line of shoes called Air Jordan.

The brand has become synonymous with lifestyle products. When Michael Jordan was still actively playing basketball, the brand would usually release a new shoe with every season. Michael Jordan would use and promote the new shoe while playing basketball in that year. The very first pair of Jordan shoes that Michael Jordan wore was called Air Jordan I.

The first Air Jordan sneakers, designed by Peter Moore, were created exclusively for Michael Jordan in early 1984. When the Air Jordan I was released to the public in April 1985, it became an instant hit. A month after the shoe was originally released to stores, Nike had sold $70 million worth shoes in the market. 

Air Jordan has always been part of the Nike family. In 1997, Air Jordan shoes became so successful that Nike decided to make it its sub-brand. The new sub-brand became the Jordan brand. 

People who grew up between 1984 and 2003, the time when Jordan decided to leave the NBA as a player for good, became a huge part of the success of the Jordan Brand. Michael Jordan never expected how popular the brand would become. Jordan and Nike created something exceptional that will surely continue for generations. 

Reasons for Choosing Jordan Running Shoes

Getting the right pair of shoes that fit your needs among a variety of choices available is not easy. You need to ensure that the shoe is supportive and comfortable enough to help you run faster. 

Here are some of the reasons why many people prefer to use Jordan running shoes. 

  • Comfort - The midsole units of the Jordan running shoes utilize the latest cushioning technology made by Nike. The midsole foam provides maximum support and a high level of energy return, giving a more responsive ride. The upper materials used also permit sufficient airflow, keeping the foot dry and comfortable even after a long run. 
  • Durability - The outsoles of the Jordan running shoes are made from highly durable rubber materials that protect the shoe from abrasive elements and offer exceptional grip. The upper of Jordan running shoes are manufactured using quality materials, providing sufficient support and added durability. 
  • Value - Jordan running shoes are manufactured using the latest technology and best quality materials to help the runners achieve their optimal performance. The running shoes are designed to withstand sudden pressure and the toughest workout. Although the Jordan running shoes cost a bit higher compared to some other brands, people find pleasure in owning a pair of these running companions because of its quality. 

Technologies Commonly Used in Jordan Running Shoes

Air Jordan running shoes feature some of the same technology in Nike running shoes. Here are some of the prominent features showcased in a range of Jordan running shoes. 

Nike React Technology

Nike React technology was introduced in June 2017. It was first used in basketball, a sport that requires responsive energy return and optimal impact support. 

Nike React foam offers 13% more energy return and is 11% softer than Nike’s previous softest cushioning technology. It is also more lightweight and durable. This cushioning technology is also featured in some of Nike’s popular neutral running shoes, such as Nike Legend React and Nike Epic React Flyknit 2.

Zoom Air Technology

Zoom Air is an innovative cushioning setup that was created as an evolved version of Nike’s standard Air units. It is designed for athletes across different sports whose performance requires speed and agility. This material allows the user to run and transition more efficiently. 

Nike’s Flywire technology

Flywire is composed of high-strength threads that work as a suspension bridge cables. It is incorporated in the upper to minimize weight and provide maximum support

Dynamic Fit neoprene inner sleeve

Dynamic fit technology has been featured in many of the recent Jordan running shoes. This technology eliminates that extra space between the foot and shoe to deliver excellent comfort. It works in all foot sizes and shapes.

Frequently asked questions

Does Jordan make women's running shoes?

Sizing can be a little bit tricky for women when it comes to Jordan running shoes. A lot of women buy Jordan running shoes even if they don’t normally come in women’s sizes. 

To convert the regular men’s size into women’s size, simply subtract 1.5 from your normal shoe size. For example, if you’re wearing a women’s size 9, you have to buy a Jordan shoe in men’s size 6.5. However, it is advisable to try on the shoe first to ensure a perfect fit. 

How do you know if a Jordan running shoe is fake?

Fake Jordan shoes have been around since the Jordan brand released its first shoe. Here are some of the easy tips about how to spot fake Jordan shoes. 

  • Check the quality of the shoe box. Authentic Jordan shoes have sturdy boxes, and the lid fits tightly with no gaps. Nike boxes feature a logo on the side and top too. 
  • Check for logo imperfections and spelling errors on the shoe box. z
  • Check the Nike website for the nine-digit style number of the shoe you are interested in purchasing on the manufacturing sticker. 
  • On the label under the tongue, you should see the embroidered words “greatest player ever.” It should look professional and easy to read. 
  • The logo located on the back of the shoe should appear crisp and uncompromised. 
  • All the shoelaces tabs should have the same size and shape. 
  • Check for a midsole point. Authentic Jordan shoes have the midsole point in front of the bottom lace hole, while fake Jordan midsole point often matches the bottom lace hole. 

How do you clean Jordan running shoes?

  • Use a paper towel, cloth, or soft shoe brush to remove dust and dirt on the upper.
  • Dampen a small sponge or cloth with warm water to remove the marks or stains on the upper and midsole. 
  • Place 3 tea bags in each shoe to remove odor from your Jordan shoes. You may choose a fresh flavor of tea like lavender or peppermint. 
  • In a spray bottle, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Spray the mixture inside the shoe to eliminate odor. 
  • Pour a tablespoon of baking soda inside a piece of cloth, a dryer sheet or coffee filter and tie into a bundle with a rubber. Place the bundle inside the shoes for approximately 24 hours to deodorize them.