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Considered as one of the greatest players of all time, Michael Jordan not only conquered the courts with his seemingly superhuman basketball skills but he also dominated the stores with his much-coveted basketball shoe signatures. Since the conception and release of the first Air Jordans in 1984, the brand has managed to summon a significant following over the years. Almost cult-like, fans line up outside the stores to grab their signature pair whenever there’s a new release.

Surely, the brand has endured the tests of time by producing  Jordan basketball shoes that adapt so well to market trends. The label makes sure that almost every one of the fan’s demands is well taken care of. With this, they’ve expanded to creating low top models for their collection. Not only focusing on style, but the label also made sure that in terms of construction, the models are not lagging.

Given the brand’s success, it makes one wonder what sets this brand apart from the other shoe logos. Here are some of the notable models from the brand as well as some of the technologies featured in Jordan basketball shoes.

Notable low top Jordan basketball shoes

best jordan low top basketball shoes
Best Jordan low-top basketball shoes - December 2019

With a legendary name like Jordan, it is expected that the same quality should be upheld in the player's products. And over the years, the brand has not only made strides but also pushed the envelope in terms of basketball shoe construction. Here are some of the releases from the brand that have been a massive hit to most Jordan basketball shoe fans:

Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Low

The Jordan 2017 Low basketball shoe brings a combination of technologies to its construction. The upper is composed of a breathable, lightweight Flyweave material while the Nike React technology provides a responsive cushioning and comfort, roping in a smooth ride on the pitch. The midsole of this low top Jordan basketball shoe, on the other hand, is created with a Phylon element which is tried and tested for a variety of footwear including football boots.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low

From its look to its construction, the Air Jordan 11 IE Low basketball shoe seems to be the embodiment of summer. The colorways used is a combination of neons and neutrals which brings an overall balanced look. While the original low top version of this Jordan pair was meant for the basketball court, designers have found a way to bring this eye-catching pair into the streets while recreating it into a low top shoe.  

Air Jordan XXXI Low

A new rendition of the legendary Air Jordan 1 comes in the form of the Air Jordan XXXI Low basketball shoe. This low top basketball shoe under the Jordan brand has been constructed with a combo of Flyweave and synthetic leather for its upper material. This afforded users a comfortable and seamless fit. On the design side, although it delivers a minimalist feel, the overall look of the shoe still manages to emanate a stylish vibe.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Low

This Jordan basketball shoe model is one inspired by the classics, particularly with the 1985 Air Jordan 1 Retro release. Taking inspiration from the signature low-top look of its muse, the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low basketball shoe features a new striking colorway, bringing in a slew of eye-catching colorways - a selection which highly contrasts the limited red/ black/ white color combo of the original pair. Other than an update in aesthetics, the innovative Air-sole technology integrated into the heel area creates a cushioned and comfortable feel for the user.

Jordan Extra.Fly

Overrun by numerous technologies for its construction, the Jordan Extra.Fly basketball shoe is created for comfort on a budget. Deemed by reviewers to be the budget-friendly version of the Jordan Super.Fly model, this low top Jordan basketball shoe is designed for breathable comfort through its synthetic mesh upper. Flywire creates a more secure foot lockdown for the wearer. Additionally, the midsole is composed of well-proven elements for cushioning which are namely, Phylon and Zoom Air.

Notable technologies found in low top Jordan basketball shoes

The Jordan brand is not one to shy away from innovation, and it is apparent when taking a look at what’s under the hood for the models within the line. Through collaboration and experimentation, Jordan signature shoes have paved some of the ways in creating numerous ingenious products with some of the most cutting edge technology in shoe construction. With their numerous creations, here are some of the most notable ones:


Making a regular appearance among basketball shoes, Phylon is a lightweight and responsive element for footwear. It is created out of EVA foam pellets. Using heat expansion, the material is then compressed, cooled and sculpted into its appropriate shape. The Jordan basketball shoes with this feature include the Jordan Extra.Fly, Jordan Jumpman Hustle and the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low basketball shoes. The high top Air Jordan 11 Retro basketball shoe also carries this element.

Zoom Air

Birthed by the Nike brand, the Zoom Air technology can also be found in some Jordan signature models. Applicable to different shoe types, this element ensures low-profile cushioning while maintaining responsiveness. This innovation utilizes pressurized air and compressed fibers which absorbs impact lessening the strain on the muscles, joints, and tendons. The notable low top Jordan basketball shoes with this technology include the Air Jordan XXXI Low, Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low and the Jordan Extra.Fly models.


Making use of Vectran filaments, Flywire technology mimics the mechanism behind suspension bridges. While the fibers used are lightweight, they are designed for optimal durability. These cables wrap around the player’s foot creating a secure and stable fit. The low top models from the Jordan line with this technology include the Air Jordan XXXI Low.


As the name suggests, Flyweave technology is an innovative type of upper created through a weaving process. The material has been spearheaded by Nike and is specifically designed to adapt and maximize the wearer’s natural foot movement, even acting as a second skin. The low top models from the Jordan basketball shoe collection that features this technology include the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Low and the Air Jordan XXXI Low.

Flight Speed

Another cushioning system from Nike, Flightspeed initially seemed to be the budget-friendly version of the Flight Plate system. This piece of innovation is designed to provide support for the full length of the player’s foot. The Air Jordan XXXI Low basketball shoe model has this technology.


Flyknit material initially started as a response for runners crying for a barefoot, second skin-like feel for their footwear. Obviously, the material was found out to be beneficial to other forms of footwear as well  - even used in the construction of football boots. The selection of low top Jordan basketball shoes with this technology include the Air Jordan 3 Flyknit and the Air Jordan XXXII Low basketball shoe models.

Frequently asked questions

Why was the first Jordan basketball shoe model banned?

The very first Jordans were banned from court after failing to meet color standards. This order did little to stop the rebellious Jordan from wearing the pair during game time anyway; although  Nike was the one who took care of the fines imposed. Things have come a long way since then as the organization eventually embraced more daring looks for the basketball court. Shoe looks are getting crazier and more fashion-forward each passing year.

What are the pros and cons of using low top basketball shoes?

Historically, high top basketball shoes have been the staple for the players on the hardwood. It’s been a longstanding belief that high tops bring more support to the ankle area for wearers. And this has been proven in a study conducted in a March 2000 at Brigham Young University. It has been found out that high top basketball shoes when compared to low top models, reduce the risk for ankle sprains in basketball players.

Nevertheless, since Kobe Bryant’s release of the 2008 low top Kobe 4 model, the market has become more accepting in using low top models. This prompted different brands, including the Jordan brand, to come up with their selection of low top shoes to cater to the new market demand.

However, it is worth noting that it has its own set of benefits for the courts as well. Basketball shoes with a low top cut deliver a lighter feel for its wearers, demanding less effort for every step taken.

How is the Jordan brand connected to Nike?

The Air Jordan brand is a subsidiary of Nike. The Swoosh created the first Air Jordans in 1984 in partnership with the player himself. The said model was released a year later for public consumption. Since then, the partnership has gotten stronger, with the brand and the player working with different shoe designers including Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore to name a few. Over the years these collaborations have birthed Jordan basketball shoe releases as legendary as the player himself.