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John Wall basketball shoes: From Reebok to Adidas

Hoping to breathe new life into their struggling basketball division, Reebok inked a five-year, $25 million endorsement deal with the yet-to-be-drafted John Wall in 2010, outbidding basketball newcomer Under Armour and sneaker giant Nike.

Though short-lived, his partnership with Reebok produced three signature John Wall sneakers. In 2013, John Wall transferred to parent company Adidas. 

Adidas then decided to include John in their “Quick Ain’t Fair” campaign along with fellow guards Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers and Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans. John had one of the best seasons of his NBA career while wearing the Adidas Crazy Quick

Adidas rewarded John with two additional signature John Wall basketball shoes. John’s third signature J Wall shoes were already in development before his contract with Adidas expired. After the negotiations fell through, the brand renamed the third John Wall basketbal shoes and they became known as the very popular Adidas Crazy Explosive 2016.

Adidas and John Wall the second time around

When his contract was about to expire in September 2015, Adidas offered him an eight-year extension worth $66 million, but he rejected the offer. He was reportedly unhappy with the $7.5 million base he was presented with since what he wanted was “Harden money,” citing the 13-year, $200 million deal Adidas lavished upon Houston Rockets star James Harden to pry him off of Nike a month earlier.

As a sneaker free agent, John mostly wore Nike and Air Jordan basketball shoes during games. He was in talks with multiple brands for a new endorsement deal, and many were expecting him to sign with Nike. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, he returned to the brand that he spurned a couple of years back. In January 2018, he signed a five-year endorsement contract with the Three Stripes.

Even though his contract does not include the production of John Wall shoes, he is allowed to collaborate with fellow Adidas clients on footwear collections such as the Pharrell Williams sneakers and Kanye West’s Yeezys. He is poised to become one of the brand’s most prominent on-court ambassadors as he wears non-signature models such as the Crazy Explosive and Crazy BYW.

Seal of Approval: John Wall Basketball Shoes Personal Touches

Through his signature Adidas John Wall sneakers, he was finally able to tell his stories and pay tribute to the people who supported him throughout the years.

  • JW logo. The stylized initials are a nod to his father John Wall Sr. Five graphic designers created 1,000 versions of the logo before John settled with the current design.
  • Mama’s Boy. John’s tribute to his loving mother Frances Pulley who continues to inspire him.
  • Great Wall. One of John’s monikers that pushes him to aspire for greatness.
  • Five Deep. John’s group of childhood friends.
  • Raleigh 919. John’s hometown and area code.