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  • Hoka One One

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  • Hoka One One
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Hoka shoes for walking

These chunky, max-cushioned shoes are very easy to spot in the crowd. Not only do they catch the eye with their exaggerated midsoles, but they also do a fantastic job of keeping your feet nice and comfy no matter how far you go.

Any running shoe from Hoka can be used as your go-to footwear for spending an entire day walking and standing on your feet. And if you need extra arch support for flat feet and overpronation, there are about a dozen of Hoka shoes that provide plenty of that.

Most Hoka shoes are also designed with spacious toeboxes, so people with wider feet can also find a suitable option here.

For those who need a specialized work shoe for long shifts, the Bondi SR comes highly recommended. “SR” stands for “slip-resistant,” so you are going to stay surefooted even on wet tile floors.

If you walk a lot off-road and on the trails, you may find Hoka’s trail shoes or hiking footwear very handy. With their more rugged and protective construction.

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Hoka One One is not a very cheap brand, with the average price of shoes being $150. But, with the right deal, you can stay within the budget and get a high-quality pair.