buy hammer throw track & field shoes for men and women

The track and field throwing meet consists of four different events. One of these is the hammer throw wherein the athlete’s strength, balance, and efficiency are tested. Just like any other sports, the hammer throw is not easy. That is why choosing the right pair of hammer throw platform is as important as the abilities of the contender. The hammer throw shoe is a key component that optimizes the abilities of the thrower. 

Famous brands that offer hammer throw shoes

Best hammer throw track and field shoes - May 2020

Since hammer throw is quite an important event in track and field, different athleisure companies have tapped into it. These firms offer some of the best hammer throw spikes in the market. 


Saucony is a brand that has expertise in producing high-quality track and field shoes. Its hammer throw track shoe is no exception. With the technical components incorporated into the throwing shoe, wearers can expect pronounced flexibility and strength. Both of these are integral qualities in maximizing the throw of the participant. 


The very reason why Asics remains a key player in the industry today is that it places great value on quality. To remain on top, the brand continually innovates, introducing new technologies to its hammer throw shoes. Because of such makeup, Asics hammer throw track shoe optimizes foot movements, durability, and traction. These elements allow for robust performance on the tracks. 


Hailed by many as for its fresh and reliable design concepts, Nike is the world’s largest athletic shoe manufacturer and supplier. This does not come as a surprise because the company is pretty much an expert in all sports— track and field included. Given this, Nike hammer throw shoes are configured meticulously to deliver lightness, comfort, and pliability. 

Features of a hammer throw shoe

Sporting some renowned technologies from different athletic footwear companies, hammer throw track shoes offer the following: 

  • Versatility. Although not a necessary feature for some, a hammer throw track shoe is not just engineered solely for the hammer throw. With all its technical features, it can also accommodate other throwing events such as shot put and discus throw. Because of this, athletes don’t need to spend an extra buck if they do perform in other throwing meets. 
  • Comfort. A must for every shoe, comfort is a typical property of a hammer throw shoe. This is all owed to the ample cushioning present within the foot chamber. With such construction, the foot is kept safe from any abrasion or irritation. In turn, the athlete can focus entirely on the execution of the throw. The very same attribute is observed in the famous running spike from Nike, the Zoom Rival S 9
  • Security. With enough lockdown, the thrower can expect a stable performance. This is the very same design principle behind every hammer throw track shoe. Since there are a lot of glides and rotational motions present in the sport, the risk of falling off balance is always at hand. With enough security, slippage is prevented. 
  • Flexibility. As mentioned, the hammer throw involves numerous glides and rotations. To address these, a hammer throw shoe should have sufficient pliability for ease of rotations. Moreover, this quality also affects the comfortable sensation provided to the foot. This is because the foot movement is not restricted. 
  • Durability. Given all the motions implemented in the sport, it is only natural that the throwing shoe utilized is subject to degradation. This is because there’s a lot of friction generated every time glides and rotations are executed. This is also the motivation behind why every hammer throw platform is comprised of high-strength materials. Durability also tackles foot protection from any hazardous track elements. 

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get hammer throw track spikes? 

There are two options when getting a hammer throw shoe. First, if one has enough time and want to ensure accurate fit and size, it is best to go to the brand’s physical store or any reliable athleisure shop. However, one can also opt to just purchase via online retailers or through the brand’s website. To get the precise fit and size, one should go through various user feedback first. With RunRepeat, this is made easier. 

Are hammer throw shoes supposed to fit tight? 

It is a design principle common in many, if not all, track shoes to have a tight wrap. Compared to other athleisure footwear, these have snugger fit. This is to eliminate unwanted shoe dislodgment that might cause slippage. However, this does not mean that they should give discomfort to the foot.