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Green hiking boots make a perfect option for hunting, mountaineering, and trail walking because this color blends naturally with the environment. 

Many brands, such as Salomon, Under Armour, Merrell, and Timberland offer green boots that can be used for some of the toughest terrains. You can always trim down your choices by determining your skill and experience level, needs, and hiking goals.

Why choose green hiking boots?

Best green hiking boots - May 2020

Whether it's your first time shopping for hiking footwear or you're considering trying something different from your usual brown or black hiking boots, you might be overwhelmed by the many options you have.

Green hiking boots are one of them.

But why should you consider green boots?

It makes you "one" with nature. Green is a top choice for hiking gear simply because it represents nature. This color is refreshing, which is really an advantage during summer hikes when it can be too hot outdoors. Green also makes a stylish pick for walking in the forest or countrysides. If you're out in the woods and would like to blend in, choosing natural tones like green, brown, beige, and grey is the way to go. 

Neon green is great for safety reasons. When backpacking overnight or traversing trails under challenging conditions, using hiking gears that have neon tints is advisable. Visibility is a major concern when hiking or climbing. You want your colleagues or guide to keep track of you or notice you especially when things go wrong. 

Some shades of green are versatile. Camo colors, such as olive green and dark green are truly versatile. They go perfectly well with different hiking outfits. They also make dirt and mud less visible, which is a huge plus if you're constantly on and off the trail or if you're "dirt" conscious. 

How to find the best green hiking boots for men and women

Make sure you're getting the right type of boots

Many green hiking boots are used for day hiking. Day hikes can be challenging or not, depending on the terrain and weather conditions. But whether you’re traversing forested trails or rocky edges, a good day hiking boot should offer solid ankle support so you don’t roll over as you step. 

Best day hiking boots are those that:

  • Have an average weight of 3.5 pounds per pair. Day hikes don’t usually require a heavy boot unless you will be carrying a heavy load or backpack.
  • Have superb traction as their backpacking counterparts.
  • Either has a waterproof membrane or is fully breathable, depending on the weather condition or terrain. If day hiking in the summer, waterproof shoes like Gore-Tex boots can feel too hot.

Boots used for backpacking are usually heavier, bulkier, and stiffer as they are designed to provide really tough ankle and heel support. Most Salomon hiking boots are ideal for long trips in rugged terrain. Most are made of leather as this material offers long-lasting durability.

Below are the important characteristics of backpacking boots:

  • They are on the heavy side, ranging from 5-6 pounds per pair. 
  • It should be waterproof as backpacking can take several days. You don't want soaked feet at the end of your trip.
  • They could have a little to more insulation. You should opt for green hiking boots that are insulated if you're backpacking in the winter. 

Choose your desired colorway

Green hiking boots are really stylish. You will find dark/light green, lime, and olive green hiking boots, among others. Whatever style you choose, always take into account the features of the boot and what it's best used for. This way, you will end up getting the boot that fits your needs and might even surpass your expectations.