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Getting new Gore-Tex approach shoes is a good way to prepare for your next trip, especially if you expect wet trail conditions along the way. Generally, they are engineered to provide performance for both hiking and low-grade climbing trips. The outsole of these shoes uses the same sticky rubber found on climbing kicks, making them suitable for technical terrains. The inclusion of a Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry while you’re out on an approach.

The types of waterproof liners used by the best men's and women's Gore-Tex approach shoes

Best Gore-tex approach shoes

Best Gore-tex approach shoes - November 2019

Extended Comfort. Approach shoes that use a Gore-Tex Extended Comfort laminate are known to be highly breathable. Its microporous design prevents water from penetrating it while allowing sweat to escape from the inside. Gore-Tex approach shoes with this kind of liner are best used in places with warm weather.

Performance Comfort. Gore-Tex’s Performance Comfort membrane is engineered to provide waterproofness for changing weather conditions. Its four-layer laminate design offers optimal breathability and moderate insulation. Gore-Tex approach shoes that feature this liner are suitable for a wide range of weather conditions and wet trail obstacles.

Other perks of the best Gore-Tex approach shoes

Traction. Gore-Tex approach shoes employ a grippy outsole to render grip. They’re made of a sticky rubber compound, the same kind found in the best climbing shoes, which increases ground adherence. They also use specialized lugs to help secure your footing on rocky surfaces.

Versatility. The finest Gore-Tex approach shoes are an ideal option for both hikers and low-grade climbers for their versatility. They come with features that are designed for outdoorsy individuals who require footgear that can endure the demands of both activities. The addition of a Gore-Tex membrane also amplifies their functionality, especially in challenging weather.

Protection. Select Gore-Tex approach shoes are equipped with rubber rands. They help protect your feet from accidental knocks while you’re climbing or tackling a harsh terrain. These rands also improve the durability of your approach kicks.

Some brands that manufacture the best Gore-Tex approach shoes

La Sportiva

Some of the best La Sportiva offerings for approach climbers use a Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane for water protection. They are also geared for warm weather because of their breathable design. Their sticky Vibram outsoles come with dotted lugs and heel brakes to help you traverse uneven ground conditions and challenging routes. Moreover, La Sportiva’s best Gore-Tex approach shoes feature STB Control technology, which delivers support and torsional rigidity.


Select Salewa Gore-Tex approach shoes use an Extended Comfort laminate for waterproofness and optimal breathability in warm weather. Their Pomoca Speed MNT outsoles grant grip on both wet and dry surfaces. They are also equipped with a specialized lace closure system that extends towards the toe area. As a result, wearers gain additional support for technical terrain.


The finest Garmont Gore-Tex approach shoes come with a Performance Comfort membrane for waterproofness and breathability. Their microporous rubber midsoles are paired with FrameFlex Lite plates for lightweight cushioning and stability. The gear’s asymmetric closure system provides improved flexibility. These features work in unison to give approach climbers ample performance for challenging terrain.