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Gold basketball shoes

Let’s be honest; not too many people want to wear flashy gold basketball shoes on-court simply because they command so much attention. Unless you are as fashion-forward as Dennis Rodman or Russell Westbrook, your gold basketball sneakers will just be a statement piece for casual wear or big dressy events.

However, gold basketball shoes are here to stay because they help convey important messages on and off the court. Jordan, Nike, and Adidas are arguably the top three shoe brands today. All three of them produce iconic basketball shoes that are bathed in gold. Nike, for example, creates gold basketball shoes to honor the Olympic victories of the US basketball team. As we all know, many Nike athletes are part of that team. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and the late Kobe Bryant are just some of the many athletes from Nike that make Olympic appearances.

More for less: Gold basketball shoes for sale

Usually, gold colorways are special editions or limited releases, and they are released a few months after the original colorway debuted. These shoes are usually elite or lifestyle sneaker versions of performance basketball shoes.

If you want to get the shoes as lower prices, the rule of thumb is never to buy them when they are first released. Normally, this is the time when the prices of the gold colored basketball shoes are at its peak. Wait for a few months and there will surely be gold basketball shoes for sale waiting for you.