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    Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 - Peacoat/India Ink/Grenadine (435)
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Flat feet running shoes

Finding a good pair of running shoes for runners with flat feet is not easy. That is why we are here to help. RunRepeat features various selections at great prices for both men and women. 

Whether you are looking for flat feet running shoes for jogging, marathon, or long-distance runs, we have it all for you. Using our customizable filters, you will be able to find the perfect pair that fits your needs and style. 

Popular brands of flat feet running shoes

Designed to aid with mobility, flat feet shoes are intended to prevent injuries and running-related issues. These shoes are equipped with supportive features and materials that promote proper foot function. 

Brooks is among the trusted brands that offer high-performance running shoes for athletes with flat feet. They are known for designing comfortable and durable footwear that cater to varying degrees of foot pronation. 

Asics is another brand renowned for creating functional footwear that corrects overpronation or flat feet. Asics running shoes come in different configurations and are suitable for various running needs. 

Other popular brands are New Balance and Hoka One One. These manufacturers design shoes with a cushioned support system that can accommodate various foot shapes. 

Price of flat feet running shoes

The Asics and Brooks flat feet running shoes usually range from $120 to $160. Flat feet shoes from Hoka One One and New Balance, on the other hand, can be purchase at around $140 to $180.

Compared to traditional running footwear, flat feet shoes cost a bit higher because of the additional support features. However, older models are usually put on sale whenever new models come in. 

RunRepeat keeps an eye on offers from 200+ retail partners so we can let you know about sales and discounts 24/7.