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Flat cycling shoes

Compared to clipless cycling shoes, flat bike shoes can promote an air of confidence to both beginners and experienced riders. How? By providing the option to spontaneously plant the feet on the ground at any time, consequently removing the fear of falling.

If this resonates with you and your style leans more on the casual side, flat pedal bike shoes are for you.

Choose from top flat bike shoe brands

Good flat pedal shoes should stick to the pedal and provide comfort, power transfer, and security at the same time. Most cycling brands offer at least a pair or two of flat bike shoe models for men and women. Some of the leading brands known for their flat shoe offerings are Five Ten, Shimano, and Giro.

In regards to cycling activity, flat bike shoes are usually reserved for mountain cycling, including trail, enduro, and gravity riding, due to the unpredictable nature of off-road routes. 

Aside from mountain cycling, flat outsole designs are also seen on casual cycling shoes that fit perfectly with their laidback nature. Flat casual bike shoes usually employ a lace-up closure mechanism and come in many colorway options.

Moreover, some SPD cycling shoes’ employ a cleat area that can be covered or recessed enough to double as a flat cycling shoe.

Flat pedal bike shoes for less

Individuals on a budget or just want to save money should check our cheap flat pedal shoe category. In this section, RunRepeat has gathered all flat bike shoe with a price of $100 or under. The prices listed are collected from numerous retailers, which makes comparing prices takes less time and effort.