buy fizik mountain cycling shoes for men and women

Known to maintain the sleekness and simplicity of its road counterparts, Fizik mountain bike shoes usually catch the eye of onlookers via their appealing aesthetic. But what hooks most cyclists is the footwear’s optimum performance on off-road terrains.

Although the brand started dishing out road cycling shoes, their mountain bike shoe collection has steadily grown and now houses several designs. This move tapped mountain cyclists and put Fizik on the map of the mountain biking world. 

Types of Fizik mountain bike shoes for men and women

Best Fizik mountain cycling shoes - April 2020

The very first batch of Fizik mountain bike shoes was introduced shortly after the release of the brand’s road shoes in late 2010. This bike footwear is made to provide mountain cyclists with appropriate gear to withstand rough trails. Apart from maintaining the sleek design of road models, Fizik MTB shoes are equipped with impact protection, outsole traction, and are made slightly flexible to aid the wearer for optimum performance.

Cross country

Fizik cross country models are engineered to function in various terrain types. They have a versatile construction that could be worn in road settings to singletracks and gravel pavements and everything in between. The brand describes them as shoes for the cyclist who doesn’t want to be restricted with boundaries.


This discipline of mountain biking calls for shoes with an excellently snug yet supportive fit, grippy outsoles, durability, and impressive power transfer. Based on a number of reviews on Fizik’s current cyclocross models, most of these features are present in the brand’s offerings. For example, the Infinito X1, testers have vouched for its optimal fit, power transfer, and comfort.


Fizik Marathon MTB shoes are generally known as all-mountain footwear. The name of the game for these shoes is versatility as they are designed for all types of mountain biking. Uppers are constructed with tough yet comfortable materials that can stand against muddy and rocky paths. Some of these shoes are also armed with features for comfortable winter rides. 

The Fizik Terra Artica X2 is one of the shoes included in this category. It is waterproof and insulated, making off-road riding in the most challenging weather possible.


Shoes that are included in this section are basically made for gravel-specific races. Apart from stiff soles, Fizik models created for this task are relatively lighter than most mountain bike shoes and are equipped with excellent abrasion resistance and grip. Check out the Terra X5 as an example.

What to expect with Fizik’s finest mountain cycling shoes

Mostly known for their attractive designs, the brand’s products aren’t to be dismissed to just that, as plenty of cyclists swear by them. The brand is, in fact, one of the frontrunners in the cycling world. 

Fizik mountain bike shoes feature the latest and most relevant technologies. They are constructed to be used in different mountain biking activities and mostly with the help of pro athletes.

Tough and pliable upper

From woven Ripstop to synthetic and suede, all of the company’s MTB shoes employ an upper that can endure the constant pounding in rough trails. They are also engineered to provide enough flexibility to keep the wearer comfortable in long races and complicated maneuvers.

Excellent impact protection

Since mountain trails are naturally rugged, dirty, and full of rocks, bike footgear should be armed with appropriate protective layers to prevent injuries without compromising the brand’s signature minimal aesthetic. Hence, Fizik applies seamless PU lamination on the toecap and sides to enhance impact protection. The Terra Ergolace X2 is one of the designs that employ this.

Supportive and snug fit

All cycling footgear should possess this trait as it is essential in enhanced power transfer and comfort. Generally, all bike shoes are designed to be supportive and snug but, of course, not all feet are shaped the same. Hence, finding your correct sizing and level of arch support is the key, no matter the model and brand.

Based on Fizik MTB shoe reviews, most find the majority of these products to be comfortable right out of the box.

Sufficient power transfer

Fizik’s mountain section showcases models that have varying degrees of rigidity. This assortment of stiffness in the soles provides riders with options to cater to different preferences and activities. The lowest stiffness rating in the brand’s MTB lineup is 3 and is usually engineered for hike-a-bike. These shoes employ an EVA midsole with nylon shanks inserted in them to provide the rigidness.

However, a couple of Fizik mountain shoes utilize uber stiff unidirectional carbon fiber soles. These models are designed for race performance.

Superb grip

All of Fizik’s mountain cycling shoes feature rubber treads on the outsole. This component is another essential feature of MTB shoes. They provide traction on slippery terrain and aid in keeping the cyclist upright no matter how rough the surface is. Moreover, some models in this collection offer slots for toe spike installment for an even more enhanced grip. Check out the Artica X5 as an example.

Special technologies used in Fizik mountain bike shoes

Tetoron/PET laces

This technology is made from Polyester and is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films. It is known for its optimal shape adaptation, durability, and environmental friendliness. The shoe that employs this is the Fizik Terra Ergolace X2.

eVent sock-like material

This innovation is applied to the Fizik Terra Artica X2. In this specific shoe, the eVent is the textile that covers the ankle. It is waterproof, breathable, and keeps debris, mud, and dirt out. It could be fastened by a weatherproof zipper for easier on and off.

Microtex material

This material is used in many of Fizik’s shoes because of its waterproof functions and convenience in removing stains and dirt easily. This leading-edge feature is applied to the Artica X5 winter cycling shoes.

Frequently asked questions

Which Fizik mountain shoe is the best?

Claiming that a specific model is the best for everyone is not realistic and, safe to say, absurd. This is because every foot is shaped differently, and if a person finds a perfectly fitting shoe, it doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience. The best thing to do is to read reviews and feedbacks on different models. At, we’ve collated responses from vast resources to save you time and effort in researching.

Are Fizik mountain cycling shoes true to size?

Based on user reviewers, most Fizik shoes, in general, run true to size. However, this could not be true for you since, again, all feet are uniquely shaped. Hence, it is highly suggested to check information on your perspective Fizik mountain bike shoes. Just scroll up and click on a shoe to find out about its sizing info and more.

How do I clean my pair?

Cycling in mountain trails would obviously make any footgear dirty. And regularly cleaning it right after every session could help in maintaining the pristine condition of your cycling shoes. There are several ways to cleanse your pair, but determining which materials you are working with could be beneficial.

The universal way of cleaning a pair of shoes is via a brush and a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. Dip the brush in the solution, and rub the affected area until all the gunk is gone. This method would especially be useful when your cycling shoes have enormous amounts of stuck dirt and dried mud. But doing this every time could shorten your pair’s lifespan.

Since most cycling shoes employ synthetic materials, rubbing stained sections with a damp cloth would suffice. This way, the shoes won’t be drenched, and alterations of materials are prevented.

For suede and leather-crafted MTB shoes, it is wise to invest in a cleaning solution specially formulated for these materials. By using the appropriate cleaning solution, damaging the textile is unlikely, and it could preserve its newness.

What sets Fizik’s mountain bike shoes apart from other cycling brands?

Fizik may be better known for its road cycling shoes but what most consumers love about the brand is its versatile and simple yet very stylish designs. They preserved this aesthetic even on mountain shoes. Despite the off-road shoes’ signature rugged look, Fizik mountain bike footgear still looks minimal and refined.

Other than its physical looks, Fizik mountain shoes are also equipped with exclusive technologies that could offer its wearers a unique experience while in rough trails. Check out the models listed above for the brand’s mountain bike shoe lineup.