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Five Ten Freerider

With fierce competition between numerous progressive brands, getting noticed could be challenging. With this in mind, Five Ten’s (also spelled as ‘5 10’) popularity across several outdoor disciplines could be considered a feat. In terms of cycling shoes, Five Ten’s MTB shoes are their forte.

The brand’s most popular collection is called the Freerider. The Freerider shoe that is now regarded as a classic has paved the way for this top-selling range. Models from this selection are famous for their casual style inspired by skate and BMX shoes.

Why buy from the Freerider shoe collection

Super versatile and grippy, all Freerider shoes can be used in almost every mountain cycling endeavor thanks to their rubber sole technology called the Stealth. Due to their casual looks, they can also be worn from urban commutes to the bars and trails.

In addition, colorway options are abundant. The range offers basic shoe colors such as red, green, and blue, and timeless hues such as brown and black.

Five Ten’s shoes promote freedom and confidence while mastering tricks. Thanks to their flat outsole designs, the rider can spontaneously plant their foot when needed. Consequently eliminating the fear of falling.

Price of Freerider shoes

In terms of pricing, the Freerider footwear belongs in the mid-part. The price starts from $100 up to $150. 

Individuals on a budget or want to save money can do so by checking out the Freerider shoes we offer here ar RunRepeat. Just click on a shoe to reveal a list of discounted prices from numerous retailers.